Most Americans think marijuana should be legal, oppose federal crackdowns on sales


Farmers grew hemp, one version of the cannabis plant, as a cash crop. "Its use and possession is against federal law and until that law is changed by the United States Congress we ... are sworn to uphold all the laws that are on the books". We think the federal government's stance on it should reflect that. In 1923, the Washington Legislature passed House Bill 3, regulating "narcotic drugs", in which it included cannabis americana and cannabis indica.

The delay in implementation is meant to give ME officials time to create a licensing procedure and regulations for retail sales of marijuana.

By Tuesday, while speaking at George Washington University, Kelly said: "Let me be clear about marijuana".

Instead of spending billions of dollars trying to stop marijuana use, the Drug Enforcement Administration should spend its resources combating the country's opioid-addiction crisis - America's real public health concern. Recreational marijuana was legalized previous year in Alaska, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada. And only 23 percent think legalizing marijuana leads to an increase violent crime. With a conservative-controlled Congress, it's very unlikely marijuana will be legalized.

The Anti-Drug Abuse Act in 1986 required mandatory terms based on the amount of drug possessed, and the death penalty for "drug kingpins".

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Alex Newcombe, a 31-year-old medicinal marijuana user attending 4-20 celebrations on Parliament Hill, said Thursday he is disappointed by the Liberal legislation introduced last week. Eighty-eight percent favor medical marijuana use.

More than a dozen other states followed. There's always declassifying it through the DEA, however that administration seems to be totally opposed to declassifying it even one schedule down to make marijuana medically applicable in all 50 states.

Marijuana needs to be regulated safely, yes - but also sanely.

The government's marijuana legislation tabled last week also failed to offer specifics on tax measures for the legalized regime. This would mark the first time marijuana would be legal in any form after being outlawed for almost 60 years.

However, if enough states recreationally legalize pot, it will send a signal to the federal government that they have become truly out of sync with society.

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States who have legalized it for recreational use are beginning to witness the financial benefits of regulating and taxing the sale of the drug.

I-502's provision that allowed adults to consume recreational marijuana without fear of state penalty went into effect on December 6, 2012. In Colorado, Oregon and Washington state, all of which have had a legal recreational market for years, 4/20 has taken on the trappings of a de facto sales holiday, like Valentine's Day for florists and jewelers or New Year's for health clubs and liquor stores.

Advocates for marijuana legalization - who often claim that marijuana is safer than alcohol - have noted that authorities are unable to cite a single death caused by smoking too much of the intoxicating weed. He said lawmakers here are well aware that there "will be lots of people from CT going into those states to buy marijuana", and know that could cost millions in lost tax revenue.

Twenty-nine USA states consider pot legal for people with certain medical conditions. A year after the recreational pot shops opened, the Legislature had approved merging the two under the Liquor Control Board, which was renamed the Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Recreational shops could apply for a special license to sell medical strains if they met certain conditions, and some medical dispensaries obtained retail licenses, but many were forced to close.

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In an email exchange, Todd Harrison, managing partner at CB1 Capital, a hedge fund that plans to focus on marijuana growers and product-makers, wrote that "cannabis is already the fastest growing industry in the world despite the stateside illegality, making it a rare "outside-in" global phenomenon".