MPs vote in favour of snap General Election on 8 June


After addressing a rowdy session of the House of Commons, Mrs May won the support of 522 lawmakers in the 650-seat Parliament for an election on June 8, an easy victory for the Prime Minister, who could see her majority increase by at least 100 seats in the poll.

But Mr Corbyn dismissed her argument that she needs a fresh mandate to deliver Brexit, and said it was "extremely interesting" that she had chosen to call an election as the Crown Prosecution Service prepares to decide whether to press charges against a string of Tory MPs over allegations relating to 2015 general election expenses.

"We haven't threatened to turn Britain into an offshore tax haven on the shores of Europe, undermining the European economy".

If current opinion polling is replicated at the ballot box, the Tories will win 375 seats - nearly double the 189 the Labour Party would win.

Jeremy Corbyn accused the Conservatives of presiding over falling incomes, a struggling health service, cuts to school funding and rising child poverty, and asked: "If the Prime Minister is so proud of her record, why will she not debate it?"

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson called on the Prime Minister to condemn newspaper headlines suggesting the election was an opportunity to "crush the saboteurs" of Brexit.

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The Telegraph reflected the nation's surprise at the imminent election: "May's bolt from the blue".

"This is yet more evidence of chaos from Jeremy Corbyn and Labour", he said.

So far, Labour's stance has been to allow the government to go ahead with the European Union divorce, but only under certain conditions, such as retaining strong economic ties with the bloc.

"Core voters in the north who voted for Brexit are not convinced and metropolitan liberal voters aren't convinced by that either", political expert and author, Eliza Filby, told AFP.

May formally notified the European Union on March 29 of Britain's intention to leave, and has said she is confident of reaching a deal on the terms of withdrawal in the two years available.

Technically, there are now only two ways to call early elections.

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"We need a general election and we need one now", she said.

Like nearly everyone else in Britain, the election announcement caught financial markets off guard, amid concerns of the economic implications of Brexit.

UK Parliament approves Prime Minister's early election callThe British Parliament approved a snap general election on Wednesday, even though general elections weren't due for another three years.

United Kingdom commentators say the relentless political logic of an early election, that the Conservatives are expected to win well, has proved too tempting.

May, who has described herself as "not a showy politician", said she would rather talk directly to voters.

In fact, May's decision on Tuesday may shore up her party's negotiating position in upcoming talks.

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