NASA Will Study How Fires Work In Space By Torching A Spaceship


There's a new plant habitat that might one day produce plants for deep-space missions.

But the live 360 stream appeared to completely miss the actual launch itself, with viewers seeing the rocket on the ground a second ago and then a red spot high in the sky.

"Not only are we delivering needed supplies as the first launch under our new RapidLaunch™ offering, but we are truly honored to launch a payload dedicated to John Glenn on an Atlas V, helping to signify the gap we plan to fill as we start launching astronauts from American soil again in 2018". There's also the latest in a series of experiments to study how things burn up in space.

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ULA's next launch is the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite-M (TDRS-M) mission for NASA, scheduled for August 3 from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Four fisheye-lens cameras were placed about 300 feet from the rocket.

Passing through 10,000 miles per hour, the first stage engine shut down as planned four minutes and 15 seconds after liftoff and the spent stage fell away. "Nearby, a computer protected by a blast-proof box will stitch images together in near-real time". But the time-delayed signal stopped at about the T-minus-4-minute mark, and didn't come back until after the rocket had departed.

"Those who own virtual reality headsets will be able to look around and experience the view as if they were actually standing on the launchpad", noted an official NASA statement.

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And you have to keep in mind that the mission isn't primarily about the 360-degree launch video, which United Launch Alliance has provided before on a post-launch basis.

The cargo ship is loaded with some 7,625 pounds of cargo and equipment, including more than 2,000 pounds of science gear, 2,100 pounds of crew supplies and almost 2,700 pounds of vehicle hardware.

Resupply spacecraft typically rendezvous with the station over two to three days, but the Cygnus, launched into an orbit more than 100 miles below its 250-mile-high target, will loiter in orbit until Saturday morning, staying well away from the space lab until after the arrival of a Russian Soyuz spacecraft Thursday morning.

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The Cygnus shipment, meanwhile, is taking the scenic route. The crew will use the station's robotic arm to grapple the capsule and hook it up to the Unity module for unloading.