North Korea accuses United States of creating situation for nuclear war


US "allies" in East Asia - a category dominated by Japan and South Korea - had been incorporated into hinted military action, presumably without prior consult.

North Korea's Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Han Song Ryol, told CBS News in Pyongyang that the situation between the USA and North Korea was the worst it had ever been, and that his country was ready to fight a war if provoked.

He said the Trump administration's deployment of the Carl Vinson nuclear carrier task group to waters off the Korean Peninsula again "proves the US reckless moves for invading the DPRK have reached a serious phase of its scenario".

President Donald Trump has said the prepared to act alone to resolve the "North Korean problem", but has also urged China to push North Korea to drop its weapons program.

The failed launch from the east coast came a day after North Korea held a military parade in its capital, marking the birth anniversary of the state founder, in which what appeared to be new long-range ballistic missiles were on display.

On Monday, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence traveled to the Demilitarized Zone dividing the Koreas and warned Pyongyang that "the era of strategic patience is over".

"North Korea would do well not to test his resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the United States in this region". North Korea's United Nations ambassador condemned the USA naval buildup in the waters off the Korean Peninsula, plus the U.S. missile attacks on Syria.

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On Thursday, the USA military said it had dropped the largest non-nuclear device it had unleashed in combat on a network of caves and tunnels used by Islamic State in Afghanistan. We're disarming North Korea, with or without you.' Second of all, we wait to see if China's mood of cooperation - which has been existing for about a week and a half - lasts forever. But all options are on the table.

Military officials here told CNN in advance that snapping photos is what North Korea does when seeing VIPs across the way - both to document their presence and intimidate.

"How can we have any dialogue to get any result with anyone who has this kind of approach?"

Pence is due in Seoul at the start of a 10-day trip to Asia in what his aides said was a sign of the US commitment to its ally in the face of rising tension over North Korea.

Kim said his country was ready to react to any "mode of war" from the United States. "We call on the DPRK to take all the steps necessary to deescalate the situation and return to a dialogue on denuclearization". There had been expectations the North would also carry out its sixth nuclear test, but no test occurred.

Late Monday, Pence reiterated in a joint statement alongside South Korean Acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn that "all options are on the table" and said any use of nuclear weapons by Pyongyang would be met with "an overwhelming and effective response".

Hwang hailed the early deployment of the controversial United States missile defence system (known as Thaad) created to protect against threats from North Korea.

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KUHN: Well, at his summit meeting with President Trump this month in Mar-a-Lago, Fla., President Xi Jinping did promise to coordinate and communicate with the USA on the North Korean issue.

The battle of Kapyong was a turning point in the Korean War, but as tensions escalate anew in the Korean Peninsula, Bishop isn't sure Canadians could play such a pivotal role in the region again.

Pence said after meeting with South Korea's acting president that the US and its allies have attempted to "peacefully dismantle North Korea's nuclear program" for more than two decades.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Perry said that while the situation with North Korea was "unfortunate", he would not support a strike on North Korea since the Hermit Kingdom has a secretive, spread-out nuclear arsenal that the U.S. couldn't hope to knock out before it got a shot off.

"First thing is, we should make it clear to China and to the rest of the world that our number one foreign policy objective is disarming North Korea".

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