Pope Francis: Christianity Is 'Not an Ideology' but a 'Journey of Faith'


He lived His entire life without sinning to become our flawless sacrifice, having not spot or blemish.

I would have to say that Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Or as Mary Baker Eddy wrote in Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures, "If sin, sickness, and death were understood as nothingness, they would disappear". (I Corinthians 15:3) It was for our sins that Jesus suffered such a awful death.

Dear Reader, because of your generous support, we have received enough funds to send many audio Bibles to Iraqi and Syrian refugees displaced by ISIS in the Middle East. They begged him to eat with them and then realized he was Jesus in the gracious manner in which he broke and shared the bread.

As with most children in Jamaica, church for me was very much like Sunday School. If a church can not get a crowd on Easter then there will not be any crowds the rest of the year.

Q: Growing up in Jamaica, how would you describe the church culture and how it positively and negatively affected you're upbringing?

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THIS delightful story is filled with divine presence as Christ stands on the lonely lakeshore in the light of dawn. Easter people look at the brokenness of the world and agree that this isn't ok. Blackjack Church trusts all had a happy Easter.

Q: It's mentioned in the book that you were kicked out of church. And then our cantor sang the Exultet, the Easter proclamation, giving voice to the joy of all creation that this is the night in which the darkness of night and sin and death has been overcome. Jesus broke the power of sin - evil did its worst but it could not defeat him, he continued to forgive and respond with love no matter what.

According to reports, Ghandi would not leave Hinduism because he believed that "to be a good Hindu also meant that I would be a good Christian". This is the work to which God calls us. He even told us "I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full" (John 10:10).

This lack of basic comprehension about the teaching and message of Jesus makes it hard for many people to enter the world of Thomas and the frightened disciples experiencing Christ in the locked room, a situation John describes in chapter 20 and one that challenges our own poor patterns of faith. He is not here: "for he is risen, as he said" (Matthew 26:5-6). Jesus showed his wounds to Thomas (body), and yet his resurrection is something more. When Jesus arrived in Bethany, home of Lazarus and his two sisters, He learns that Lazarus died four days earlier.

It is a daily (or nightly) thing here and other places in America. We worry about tomorrow. That which challenges us often strengthens us. Attendance is much lower than even a "regular" Sunday. One of the richest people in the United States is in the storage unit business.

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(V17) When we look at the reaction of several of the key players we see how people were dead on the inside. Everything else is provisional, passing away, going to end. They are experiencing new life, being set free. Each day Jesus is inviting us to be a part of His story and to celebrate the new life He brings! They said, 'Woman, why are you weeping?' She answered, 'Because they have taken my Lord. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Poof! The disciples freaked out (literally "startled and frightened") thinking they'd witnessed a ghostly apparition. And Jesus promises that it won't hold us who believe in Him either. And Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead, his organs functioning, the rotting skin is made new again.

America and really our world truly need a song to sing, a bell to ring and a hero to follow. He came to rescue us from our sin.

Instead, the greeting: "Abandon hope, all you who enter here" if Christ has not been raised.

What Christ Himself calls the church to be is this: we are the evidence He presents to an unbelieving world by which He seeks to prove to them that life-changing salvation is real and available.

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