Prince William and Lady Gaga join forces in mental health campaign


On Tuesday, the Royal Family's Facebook page broadcast a video of Prince William and Lady Gaga to encourage people to talk openly about mental health.

Lady Gaga started the Born This Way Foundation, which she wrote an open letter speaking of her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from being assaulted.

The two agreed that people need to speak out in order to break the taboos surrounding mental illness, with Prince William suggesting they meet up if Lady Gaga visits the United Kingdom later this year. "In my life, I go, 'Oh, my goodness, look at all of these attractive, wonderful things that I have".

It comes after Prime Minister Theresa May praised Prince Harry for his bravery in revealing that he sought counselling to come to terms with the death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

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Although the slightly stilted, nearly scripted conversation that ensues shows the pair have a bigger mission in mind - to discuss mental health as part of the The Heads Together #oktosay campaign, led by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

At the end of their chat, Prince William mentioned that he would like to meet with Gaga when she comes to the United Kingdom in October to discuss possible ways they could work together on his mental health campaign.

He added: 'For me, the little bits that I've learnt so far is that it's really important to have this conversation. "It's really important to have this conversation and that you won't be judged".

Prince William ended the conversation by asking her to visit his royal residence Kensington Palace when she visits London on tour later this year (17). Now, the Duke of Cambridge and the "Million Reasons" singer came together (via the internet) to have a very personal, very touching chat about mental health that everyone should see.

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William, along with Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge, is a vocal supporter of the Heads Together campaign, whose goal is to raise awareness around the stigma of mental illness and provide help for people who are suffering from mental health problems.

And although the Gaga has acquired three Brit Awards, six Grammy Awards and a Golden Globe gong for her role in American Horror Story: Hotel, her mental illness left her feeling "sad" and "full of anxiety" because she couldn't appreciate the "wonderful things" she owned or the successes she had achieved. Since her passing, both he and his brother Harry have continued her legacy in their choice of charity work.

Prince William is practicing what he preaches!

"I still have shock within me - people say it can't last that long but it does", he said in the Mind Over Marathon documentary, which airs on Thursday.

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The pair are joining forces as part of a campaign by Kensington Palace called Heads Together, which is created to provide veterans, young people, emergency response workers and the homeless with mental health assistance.