PS4 Slim 1TB Model Announced, Coming This Month


Swapping out the PlayStation 4's hard drive for a larger model is unusually easy, thanks to accessible screws and a slide-out drive bay, but even fewer owners will have cause to bother thanks to a revised retail bundle.

This actually makes a lot of sense - the PlayStation 4 is warm when it's running, and its interior is dark and spooky (roaches love warm, dark, spooky places). That's when he pointed to the "roach bags", black garbage bags heaped up in the corner of the room.

The PS4 also gets hotter inside than the Xbox One, due to the console's internal power supply.

Walls look so sad when they're bare, so we've put together a few prints in the Boing Boing Store that can help out a bedroom or dorm room so guests don't think you're a insane person when they come over and just see white everywhere.

Citizen Financial (CFG) Tops Q1 Earnings on High Revenues April 20, 2017
Currently, the stock carries a price to earnings ratio of 9.85, a price to book ratio of 0.96, and a price to sales ratio of 0.62. Since the start of the New Year, Citizens Financial Group, Inc . (NYSE:CFG), from Financial sector has been performing well.

The company says that the PlayStation 4 Slim console with double the storage is going to be available for purchase from retailers like Amazon, GameStop, and Best Buy later this month. Once the roaches get in, they won't want to leave.

Kotaku reports that they first heard of the PS4 roach problem from an independent console fix shop in NY called XCubicle.

Maybe you could convert a non-working PS4 into a roach trap, solving the twin problems of what to do with a console that's beyond fix and trying to get a handle on your roach problem. Especially because Sony won't take them in for repairs (Sony did not provide comment).

This video explains how independent store repairmen look for the critters in your console. This shows just how often the shop encounters PlayStation 4 consoles that are infested with the pests.

Aaron Hernandez Reportedly Had Bible Verse On Forehead When Found Dead
The death of the former National Football League star comes less than a week after he was acquitted in a 2012 double slaying. Hernandez, Coyne points out, is hardly the first high-profile case in MA where a conviction was vacated in this manner.

According to Matt Zieminski from IFixit, most of the time, the users who bring in their broken consoles, don't know why their PS4s aren't working. When the bugs have made little homes in there, and have little roach kids, those roach kids and their feces can melt onto the hardware.

Don't let your PS4 turn into a roach funeral parlor.

"Their poop color is distinct and has a certain smell to it", an employee at the NYC shop explained to Kotaku. They should also be stored higher up, so roaches have a hard time climbing to them.

Theresa May's call for early election 'cheap opportunism'
UK Independence Party ( UKIP ) leader Paul Nuttall said that May's decision was based on the "weakness" of the Labour Party. The government has a majority of just 17 MPs.