RESULTS: How would you vote in a snap General Election in June?


United Kingdom lawmakers voted Wednesday to approve Prime Minister Theresa May's surprise call for a snap general election on June 8.

Previously, May had pledged to adhere to Britain's Fixed Term Parliaments act, which stipulates that her government wouldn't need to call the next election until 2020.

The opposition Labour Party and Liberal Democrats say they welcome the chance to put their policies to voters, though the Scottish National Party says the election call is a cynical ploy.

The U.K. Parliament will now dissolve on May 3 in order for official campaigning to begin before British citizens head to the polls 25 days later. "Every vote for the Conservatives will make me stronger", she said-a clunky line that made her sound like a crazed comic-book villain.

Some diplomats detect in the letter May sent last month to trigger the two-year countdown to Brexit that she is willing to compromise more than some in her party, to accept more EU authority in return for access to European markets that much of British business wants her to maintain.

Britain may still be torn over Brexit, and uncertain about May's course of departure from the European Union, but the British are not about to elect a slow-witted, bearded socialist oddball like Corbyn ahead of a pragmatist like May.

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May, 60, had stunned her allies as well as opponents when she called for a snap poll on Tuesday.

But Labour MP Gisela Stuart, one of the architects of Brexit as co-chair of Vote Leave, said she would be standing down after 20 years as MP for Birmingham Edgbaston.

Juncker's spokesman said the election would not delay the start of negotiations, which the Commission's chief negotiator Michel Barnier has previously said would start in early June.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has mooted holding debates without her, replacing her with an empty chair.

Three weekend opinion polls put the Conservatives about 20 points ahead of Labour, and if translated into votes, this could give May an "election landslide" with a majority of more than 100, according to an analysis by The Times.

A victory would give May a powerful mandate extending until 2022, long enough to cover the Brexit negotiations plus a possible transition period into new trading arrangements with the EU.

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There is still a lot to be done on an European Union level as regards the negotiation guidelines, as the European Union awaits 29 April Summit for draft negotiating guidelines approval. "It's about. getting the right deal from Europe".

Calling an election is always a gamble; however, this is especially true today, when the only thing certain seems to be the fact of uncertainty itself. While Corbyn welcomed the election announcement, hailing it as a chance for a change of government, many in his party rolled their eyes.

"Indeed, the Prime Minister called out the then incumbent, who did not show up for some of those debates".

ITV, another of the broadcasters who held debates in 2010 and 2015, also confirmed plans were already in place for a repeat programme this year.

Mrs May, addressing voters as she stood surrounded by party activists and supporters, said: "Only you can give us the mandate, so vote for a strong and stable leadership in this country".

Britain set for snap election in Brexit shadow
She dismissed Mr Corbyn as "simply not fit to lead" as she urged voters to give her a mandate to push through Brexit. The Conservative party is predicted to win by a majority of more than 100 seats, said The Times .