Secret Service beefs up barriers at White House


Secret Service Communications Director Cathy Milhoan said on Wednesday "that vantage still there".

While there may be no specific threat, a man was able to jump the fence last month and wander around the White House grounds for 17 minutes before being caught.

"Restricting public access to the fence line will not only serve to lessen the possibility of individuals illegally accessing the White House grounds, but will also create a clear visual break to enable Secret Service officers to identify and respond to potential hazards, including individuals attempting to scale the fence", Milhoan said.

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In 2014, a second barricade was erected on the northern side of the building in response to a fence-jumper who was able to run through the doorway of the building while carrying a knife.

Under the new proposal, the popular and often-crowded sidewalk bordering the south lawn will be permanently closed to the public beginning at 11 p.m., Wednesday, pushing tourists to the north edge of the 52-acre park known as the Ellipse.

President Donald Trump was inside the residence at the time of the March 10 incident.The intrusion was the latest in a series of breaches at the White House in recent years.

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The agency added more security measures to the front of the White House after a number of intrusions in the past few years. "It's still there. It's just going to be pushed back a little further". Jonathan Tran, 26, told authorities after being arrested that he had gotten close to the doors and windows of the White House after breaching security.

"We are always trying to balance the desire for access and the security for both the public and those inside the grounds, " she said.

On the map below, the upper arc represents the old fence line; the lower arc represents the new boundary for the public.

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There won't be any new physical barriers, and the Secret Service took pains to note that the restrictions won't stop people from viewing or taking photos of the presidential mansion.