Should McDonald's workers get $50K reward in Facebook murder case?


Stephens stopped for a moment at a McDonald's drive through in Erie, Pennsylvania, where an employee noticed him. Stephens had been employed as a case worker at a children's mental health facility.

"Two of Godwin's daughters, Tonya Godwin Baines and Debbie Godwin, met with Lane on Tuesday and told her "[It's] not your fault".

Mourning family members of a Cleveland man whose murder on Easter Sunday was posted online in a Facebook video said that despite their grief, they forgive their father's killer.

Stephens got to a point where he "snapped and turned into a whole different person", his mother said.

Stephens took his six-piece Chicken McNuggets and declined to wait for the fries, however.

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Stephens demanded Godwin repeat the name of his former girlfriend.

Police say Godwin is the only known victim.

"And this is a prime example, this is something that should not have been shared around the world".

"We - I pulled my front drive thru girl from the window and had myself and my supervisor present at the window and basically just told him it's going to be a minute for his fries - which it wasn't really, we just wanted to make sure she got in contact with the state police". We can't do this in this country.

Facebook took down Stephens' videos and disabled his account two hours after he first started uploading.

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We spoke with local and federal law enforcement officials who tell us. they believe the employees were the lynchpin that caused cops to corner Steve Stephens in Erie, PA.

After the Godwin killing, a nationwide manhunt ensued, ending in Stephens' death not far from where he was spotted at a McDonald's in Pennsylvania.

"I could not do that if I did not know God, if I didn't know him as my God and my savior, I could not forgive that man", she said.

"We can not resolve this underlying issue of violence, particularly gun violence if we do not function and operate and have the same compassion and commitment that we've shown here", said Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson.

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