Suspect in Facebook video murder found dead


Stephens had ordered a 20-piece McNuggets and a side of fries.

Steve Stephens, 37, is suspected of killing 74-year-old Robert Godwin on Sunday, April 18, 2017 in a residential area east of Cleveland, police said.

Early Tuesday, someone called police to report that he thought he had seen Stephens at a hotel in Washington, D.C., but a police spokesman there said authorities quickly determined that the person was not the man being sought.

Pennsylvania State Police said they chased him from the McDonald's for about two miles, finally ramming his auto.

"The next thing I know, they're approaching the auto".

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But according to a timeline of events pieced together by police and Facebook, Stephens posted a video on Sunday afternoon saying he meant to kill, and followed up two minutes later with video of Godwin's shooting.

"YOU - the public - are the best weapon we have in the fight against crime", the spokesperson wrote.

He was reportedly collecting aluminum cans, though his family told CNN he was walking home from a holiday meal when Stephens - 6-foot-1 and 244 pounds, according to police - approached with a cell phone camera.

WEWS-TV reports that a video Stephens posted to Facebook previous year showed him firing rapidly at targets at the Sherwin Shooting Sports range, in violation of its safety rules, and being warned to stop by an employee.

One of the pursuing troopers picked his spot - in front of an abandoned school - and hit Stephens' bumper to get him to stop. "They had their guns out but when he shook his head, they lowered their guns".

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The daughter of a retiree slain in an apparently random Cleveland shooting that was recorded and shared on Facebook says she's sad that the suspect killed himself in Pennsylvania. Godwin did not seem to recognize the name.

Law enforcement officials had said on Monday that Stephens' cellphone was last tracked Sunday afternoon near Erie, about 100 miles (160 kilometers) east of Cleveland. The company has since announced it is launching a review for reporting harmful content.

Authorities had issued a warrant for Stephens on a charge of aggravated murder and were offering up to $50,000 for information leading to his arrest.

"I found somebody I'm about to kill", Stephens said in the video.

Authorities said Godwin is the only known victim despite an extensive investigation into Stephens s claims to have killed others. They say their task now is to try to figure out motivation for the shooting and if anyone aided him as a fugitive.

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