Theresa May accuses opposition leaders of seeking to divide UK


It is certainly true that the unexpected calling of a snap election could give rise to further uncertainty, especially in the event of a non-Conservative win, but perhaps it is preferable to have political uncertainty in advance of final Brexit negotiations rather than simultaneously.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May today (18 April) announced she will call a snap general election for 8 June.

Mr Dunne added: "We need a strong, stable leader to chart us through these choppy waters ahead and the only time she could have a general election to give a strong mandate as prime minister is now".

"In terms of Scotland, this move is a huge political miscalculation by the Prime Minister", declared First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who accused the Prime Minister of putting her party's interests ahead of the country with the election announcement.

However, Strathclyde University Professor John Curtice, who carried out the analysis, warned that "although Mrs May goes into this election with an enormous lead over Labour, she is not guaranteed to secure the overwhelming majority that she evidently hopes to secure".

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn headed straight onto the campaign trail to key target seats after MPs overwhelming backed June's General Election.

A win for Conservatives "virtually rules out staying in the single market", Morgan Stanley's United Kingdom economics and strategy team said in a research note Wednesday. Mrs May hit back that Labour offered only "bankruptcy and chaos", but denied she was complacent, saying: "We will be out there fighting for every vote".

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In his first keynote speech of the campaign, Mr Corbyn will insist Labour can "change the direction of this election" by "putting the interests of the majority first".

May, previously the interior minister, took over as prime minister for David Cameron, who resigned a year ago after voters said Yes to Brexit.

Britain's next election had been scheduled for May 2020, but a two-thirds majority vote in parliament could overrule that in Wednesday's vote, which British media reported could come at around 1300 GMT after an hour and a half of debate.

By contrast Labour is wracked by divisions, over Brexit and Corbyn's left-wing leadership, which is opposed by many of his more centrist MPs.

Labour supported the start of the formal Brexit process last month, but has demanded certain conditions, such as retaining strong economic ties with the bloc.

The European Commission wants to find a new seat for London-based EU agencies as soon as possible.

Since taking over as Prime Minister previous year, Ms.

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That approach risks satisfying neither its traditional working-class supporters, many of whom backed leaving the European Union, or its urban, pro-European members - leaving many commentators predicting an electoral disaster.

Two of its MPs - Alan Johnson and Tom Blenkinsop - have already abandoned ship, saying they will not run in their seats.

But one of last year's strongest pro-European voices, former Conservative finance minister George Osborne, will not seek re-election.

Last month, May formally began the two-year divorce talks with the European Union and laid out her hope that her government can settle the exit terms alongside talks on what the new relationship with the European Union will be. A fall in support for the Scottish National Party (SNP) would undermine its call for a second referendum on independence.

"We need a general election and we need one now", she declared on Tuesday.

Like nearly everyone else in Britain, the election announcement caught financial markets off guard, amid concerns of the economic implications of Brexit.

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