Tillerson: Iran exports terror and violence to Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon


Tillerson told reporters that the review, which he announced on Tuesday, would not only look at Tehran's compliance with a 2015 nuclear deal but also its behaviour in the region which he said undermined US interests in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon, Reuters reported. "The United States is keen to avoid a second piece of evidence that strategic patience is a failed approach".

Proponents of the deal have long acknowledged it doesn't address concerns about Iran's non-nuclear behavior, such as its ballistic missile program or support for Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Commenting on the Secretary of State's remarks, Bob Corker, a GOP Senator and chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee said: "Secretary Tillerson made clear that, regardless of Iran's technical compliance with the nuclear deal, the administration is under no illusion about the continued threat from Tehran and is prepared to work closely with Congress to push back".

Tillerson lashed out at the Obama administration, which negotiated the deal alongside other nations, saying that the Trump administration "has no intention of passing the buck to a future administration on Iran".

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In his tweet, Zarif also addressed Tillerson's terrorism charge: "Worn-out U.S. accusations can't mask its admission of Iran's compliance w/ JCPOA".

Iranian hardliners have regularly criticized Zarif and President Hassan Rouhani for their role in negotiating the 2015 nuclear deal, which they see as capitulation to Western powers.

In response, North Korea said it would test missiles on a weekly basis, and warned of "all-out war" if the United States took military action.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had criticised the deal. During the 2016 presidential election campaign, Donald Trump said his "number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran".

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However, Iran says it has the right to nuclear energy - and stresses that its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes only.

The disagreement between Obama and Netanyahu over the deal had strained US-Israel ties and Obama-Netanyahu relationship.

With Iran getting most of its benefits upfront, even critics of the agreement have said the United States gains little by breaking the deal now.

Former US President Barack Obama had said the deal would make the world safer and more secure.

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The nuclear agreement only delayed, but would not halt, Tehran's efforts to acquire a nuclear weapon, Tillerson said, warning Iran's "nuclear ambitions are a threat to the world's peace and security". Iran has complained that sanctions relief never gave it the economic boost it craved, and it has blamed the United States for not doing enough to allow USA businesses and banks to set up shop in Iran.