Trump administration officials vilify JCPOA


As CNN notes, if the US were to reapply sanctions against Iran, it would go against the terms of the JCPOA.

The certification decision, announced late Tuesday night, means that the administration has extended relief from sanctions given to the Iranian government in exchange for constraints on its nuclear program. His comments came the same week that his administration certified to Congress than Iran is complying - at least technically - with the terms of the deal.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks at the U.S. -Saudi Arabia CEO Summit, on April 19, 2017, at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington.

"The JCPOA fails to achieve the objective of non-nuclear Iran", Tillerson stated.

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson denounced Iran as "a leading state sponsor of terror" on Tuesday, adding that the Trump administration has ordered a review on whether continuing to lift nuclear-related sanctions on Iran are in the national security interests of the United States.

As President Trump wages a rhetorical battle with North Korea over its nuclear program, his secretary of state says the nuclear deal with Iran will now be placed under review.

Like with the North, Tillerson said, the Trump administration was unwilling to be patient with Iran, ticking through a list of countries where he said Iran was supporting terrorism and violence.

However, Tillerson's letter was in line with many other assessments that have found Iran has kept its part of the bargain.

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Iran is failing to live up to the "spirit" of the nuclear deal struck in 2015, President Donald Trump said Thursday, warning that his administration is debating whether or not to leave the landmark pact.

Tillerson also appeared to sketch out the terms of such diplomatic engagement, suggesting that the US would not offer aid for concessions from North Korea as has been done in the past.

Foreign Policy also reported that "there is growing bipartisan support for pushing back against Iran through additional sanctions", as evidenced by two bills targeting Iran's efforts to destabilize the Middle East, which were introduced in both houses of Congress last month.

Trump imposed sanctions on Iranian individuals and businesses after Iran tested ballistic missiles earlier this year, but so had his predecessor, President Barack Obama a year earlier after a similar missile test. Trump has not otherwise been focused on Iran, although he launched a barrage of missiles at Iran's ally, the Assad regime in Syria, after a chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held area.

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There had been expectations the North would also carry out its sixth nuclear test, but no test occurred. But all options are on the table.

"It is their habit to unsettle people and nations", Tillerson said.