Trump follows Turnbull's visa changes with 'buy American and hire American' order


The visa portion singles out the H1-B visa programme created to bring in skilled workers and often used by technology companies. None responded to requests for comment.

The document also directed government institutions to review current procurement requirements and step up the effort to limit government purchase to US made goods.

Trump was a businessman before he was elected president past year, and his companies have been criticized for using visa programs to fill positions at Trump properties with foreign workers.

Trump's visit included more than words. With his attempts to overhaul healthcare and tax law not bearing fruit so far in a Congress controlled by his fellow Republicans, Trump has leaned heavily on executive orders to seek changes to the USA economy.

It was unclear whether the latest such order would yield immediate results. The H-1B visas section included no definite timeline, while the government procurement section did.

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The order addresses the Department of Labor, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security and State Department to "take prompt action to crack down on fraud and abuse" within the USA immigration system in order to "protect workers". "Everyone in my administration will be expected to enforce every last Buy American provision on behalf of the American worker, and we are going to investigate every single trade deal that undermines these provisions", he said.

The timeline for the H-1B-related review and changes was not clear in the executive order, which merely said they should be wrapped up "as soon as practicable".

The order is an attempt by Trump to carry out his "America First" campaign pledges to reform USA immigration policies and encourage the purchase of American products. That program allows employers to go outside the US workforce to find workers with "highly specialized knowledge". "The reality of it is that employers are not required to recruit and try to hire USA workers before they hire an H-1B worker".

The president's America first motto doesn't match the reality of business practices that made him millions.

"I applaud President Trump for his efforts to spur job creation, economic growth, and American competitiveness by improving our countrys high-skilled immigration programs, ? said House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte".

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President Donald Trump, however, has the same problem as president as he did as a candidate when it comes to putting that rhetoric into action.

Foreign workers, the study went on to show, in non-computer science occupations receive an average of 58% more. They will apply for a very large number of visas by putting extra tickets in the lottery raffle, if you will, and then they'll get the lion's share of visas.

H-1B visas "should include only the most skilled and highest-paid applicants and should never, ever be used to replace American workers", he told a gathering of about 500 workers and local luminaries, including the White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus, a Kenosha native.

Each year on April 1, a fresh cap for H1-B visa applications is set by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Facebook did not respond to requests for comment.

These issues need to be addressed, Trump said.

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The order doesn't seem to change the status of existing visa waiver rules in the United States and instead orders departments to review and identify potential "abuses" of the visa waiver system.