Trump slams 'failing' Democrats: 'It is now Hollywood vs


"We got stuck with Trump", he said.

Karen Handel arrived to a hero's welcome at her election party in Roswell. So add the Georgia 6 Round 1 results to our ever-growing pile of reasons to take early vote results with a salt mine's worth of salt. Georgia's 6th district was seen as the best chance for that spark. But the hard work isn't over yet. Trump had lent support to her through a series of tweets and robocalls.

The Republican who will now battle Ossoff in the run-off is Karen Handel, a former secretary of state for Georgia.

Handel said she is aligned with the district, and will put her years of experience up against Ossman's youth and inexperience.

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) hit Karen Handel in a $450,000 ad campaign deriding her as "just another career politician", The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Democrats have a decision to make. "We have defied the odds. shattered expectations", Ossoff said, and he urged his supporters to embrace the prospects of a runoff, telling them they would "carry us to victory".

"I think this was a big loss for them", he exclaimed. And when they realized we were ahead, they threw millions of dollars against us.

"The intensity and the momentum here is driven by the grassroots at the local level", Ossoff recently told Salon's Simon Maloy.

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"And to the actors and the liberal elitists in Washington and Hollywood, those that want to have a debate about values, a debate about, say, women's health care. Glad to be of help!" the president tweeted, pointing to the large sums of money raised by donors outside the state of Georgia. I thought that some of the coverage was a little intriguing as I watched it. "Why wouldn't he be?" asked Handel.

Republicans have made their own attempts at nationalizing the campaign. Republicans have held the seat since 1979, and past occupants include former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and current Georgia Sen.

"Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan can't be feeling great right now". GOP State Treasurer Ron Estes earlier this month defeated Democrat James Thompson by 6 points in a race for the 4th Congressional District seat in Kansas. "This president got 306 electoral votes", he explained. That is Jon Ossoff. Trump only won the suburban Atlanta district by one point in November, however, giving Democrats hope that they could channel anti-Trump energy into a victory there.

In losing on Tuesday, Democrats now have an uphill battle going forward in their races headed into the midterms.

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Ossoff received 48.1% of the vote, shy of the 50% he needed to win outright.