'Unforgettable' Star Simon Kassianides Talks Working With Rosario Dawson and Katherine


(Obsessive Hairbrushes, by the way, would be a good name for a band.) In "Unforgettable", we have Tessa (Katherine Heigl), whose hair has the gleaming, sheetlike sheen of someone with a leeetle too much time on her hands, vs. Julia (Rosario Dawson), the sweet-natured and clearly doomed new girlfriend of Tessa's ex-husband David (Geoff Shults). The 38-year-old actress plays an unhinged ex-wife who has it in for her ex's new fiancé, played by Rosario Dawson.

Unforgettable hits theaters this Friday.

Kassianides, who plays the nefarious Michael Vargas, couldn't help but gush about working on a film with "strong" and "powerful women".

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Whitney Cummings wasn't at the top of her game when she auditioned for her role in Unforgettable - but she says that's what landed her the part.

She said: "I've already tried to have this conversation [with Josh], but it's so amusing - at eight weeks, he's like, 'I'm not talking about this right now!' I think once you have two, it doesn't matter anymore!"

"I like to think of, you know, Halle Berry or someone I can't have".

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"I had three dress options for tonight and I asked my 15-year-old niece, [who] lives with us, I asked her what she thought and she's like, 'The one with the cleavage, '" Heigl joked. So she steals Julia's phone at a party and hacks into it with impressive techno-stalker finesse; inside, she finds some sexy photos and a folder marked "legal", which contains a copy of the restraining order Julia took out against an abusive ex. I hope that with this character, it's in a place you can relate to that confusion and pain of not having who he loves.

Writer Christina Hodson and director Denise Di Novi do nothing to deviate from the established formula of romantic-obsession thrillers, without the subversion of a movie like Joel Edgerton's The Gift or even the hilarious ineptitude of glorious J.Lo train wreck The Boy Next Door.

"I always sort of start on whether or not I can emotionally understand the character", said Heigl.

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And Katherine previously admitted her third pregnancy "wasn't planned".