Why these people are joining -- or skipping -- the March for Science


The March for Science will take place in Washington and in more than 500 locations across the globe, including Boston, New York and Philadelphia.

Aiming to demonstrate science's crucial value to the world, University of Queensland researchers will hit the streets on Saturday in the March for Science. Berkeley, CA is also expected to be the scene of protests once again when Ann Coulter speaks at UC Berkeley on April 27, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

"I think it is fair to say that this administration catalyzed the happening of this march, there is no doubt about that", she told reporters.

The 'March for Science' initiative, will result in a rally in Edinburgh on Saturday 22 April to show solidarity with scientists and science-led policy making in the US, which the group says are "under threat" from the Trump administration's stances on coal mining and government appointees close to the oil industry. According to the Guardian, the march was originally organized on social media by Jonathan Berman, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Texas, after a Reddit conversation with other scientists about the effects of Donald Trump's policies on climate change and other issues.

Brandon Gross Elizabeth Ferris and Wauwatosa resident Tyler Koltz. Koltz is participating in the Washngton D.C. march for science

Rutgers is right to join in with the March for Science in its fight to advocate for the scientific world.

"The March for Science is about recognizing this truth, and the People's Climate March is about acting on it", said Lindsay Meiman, a spokeswoman for 350.org, a climate group that's part of the steering committee of the climate protest. You can find some free options here. One week later, the "People's Climate March" will occur in the District of Columbia and other cities.

Here we go. We're in the home stretch.

Scott Pruit, the new head of the EPA, was previously a vocal critic of the agency's regulation policies when he served as Oklahoma attorney general.

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Kathleen Rogers is president of Earth Day Network, the lead organizer for the Earth Day March for Science rally and teach-ins on the National Mall. Organizing their own protest is a significant departure from form for the scientific community, which prizes neutrality and objectivity as core principles of the scientific method.

Here we are, almost 50 years later, and President Trump has declared war on the environment, by ending programs to stop climate change and reduce air pollution.

I don't want to get into religion, but some of our state politicians have tried to pass legislation to stop teaching evolution in the public schools. Proposed budget cuts, potential threats to global collaboration and insufficient funding in the United Kingdom are all existing problems which need to be addressed. That's just based on the facts and the data that we work with every day as experts in this field.

The march is a response to these and other recent anti-science statements and policies. Chicago: This march needs marshals, and will train them.

North Korea's show of force
The council threatened to "take further significant measures including sanctions" to address the crisis of North Korea's missile launches.

"Dramatic cuts have been proposed to most major federal agencies that do and fund science".

"I see the Science March as a coming-out party for scientists who have always been careful about getting involved in political advocacy and activism", Tran said.

"President Trump's proposed travel ban as well as the rising anti-immigrant rhetoric increasingly keeps global scientists from wanting to collaborate with US scientists and some have called for boycotting USA conferences", Leuenberger explained.

Canada minister they're looking forward to Trump trade talks
And our farmers in Wisconsin and New York State are being put out of business, our dairy farmers. Despite the tough talk from Trump, Trudeau said he saw an opportunity to engage with the U.S.