3 million people with pre-existing conditions would pay more under Trumpcare


A new study by the non-profit Kaiser Family Foundation reveals just how devastating the American Health Care Act will be to individuals with pre-existing conditions.

People with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and asthma also fared better after gaining coverage through Medicaid or the federal marketplace health plans.

"As a outcome in high risk pools, insurance becomes far too expensive for those who need it", said Cheung, who represent hospitals, medical groups and physicians. So, on one of thousands of issues, the Feds and government in general have their hands in our pockets, fleecing us for their own benefit and that of their benefactors and K Street lobbyists. By the end of 2016, the uninsured rate in Kentucky and Arkansas, the two states that expanded coverage, had dropped by more than 20 percentage points relative to Texas-the rate was 7.4% in Kentucky, 11.7% in Arkansas, and 28.2% in Texas. Another 10 million got coverage through the expansion of Medicaid.

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"Affordable health care is something every American should have access to, but this proposal is truly "Code Red" for this country's entire health care system", the Utica lawmaker added. If coverage were interrupted for more than 63 days, insurers would be able to charge a 30% penalty for a year.

With 62 senators, including 20 Republicans, coming from states that expanded their Medicaid coverage under the PPACA, the House's American Health Care Act nearly certainly can't pass the Senate in its present form, the Times notes. It will cause people to lose coverage, costs will continue to rise and people will suffer more and some will die. She says these changes to Medicaid allow states to "target funding for this important program towards those who need it most".

Before the ACA, high-risk pools really weren't working for the states that had them, according to Sally Pipes, president and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute in San Francisco.

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The state Assembly passed a single-payer health care bill Tuesday that would provide universal coverage statewide.

Senator Bob Casey said the GOP health care plan could hurt school districts and special education students. The Affordable Care Act is essential to me and people like me. "It's the failure of the Trump administration to reassure the insurance companies that the payments that they have received will be forthcoming".

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