4 climbers die near top of Mount Everest in tragic weekend


In 2016, he managed to successfully reach the summit of Mount Everest, a photograph on his Facebook page testament to the event.

"Three sherpa rescuers have been sent to search for Kumar", Thupden said, adding the climber had been out of contact.

"We had clearly directed our guides to return if they were unable to reach the summit before 11am", said Chowang.

Mr Sherpa said Mr Kumar's body was spotted about 200 metres (650 feet) from the main route and the team was assessing the feasibility of retrieving it.

The "death zone" also claimed the life of 50-year-old American climber Roland Yearwood.

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The Nepalese Tourism Department has issued a record 371 permits this for people to scale the 8,848-meter (29,030-foot) mountain, while almost 200 climbers went from Tibet.

Court records show Yearwood died about a month after a judge signed an order ending his marriage to Amrita Yearwood, who also is a doctor in south Alabama.

More than a dozen climbers have also been rescued from the 8,848m mountain in the last three days after running into difficulties while attempting to summit, helicopter rescue operators told AFP.

He explained that it takes most people 40 to 50 days to reach that point, and mountaineers can get summit fever.

The deaths come as the famous Hillary Step - a 12m cliff face presenting a final challenge to climbers at the very top of Mount Everest - collapsed, according to mountaineers.

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Earlier, Nepal-based Adventure Thamserku Treks and Expeditions announced the death of Australian climber Francesco Marchetti, 54; the company said Marchetti developed altitude sickness at about 28,000 feet and was attempting to descend the mountain.

The weekend fatalities appear related to altitude sickness and bring the death toll to five during a season marked by unpredictable weather, strong winds and unusually cold temperatures.

In 2015, Roland Yearwood, a doctor from Alabama, was climbing Everest for the first time when an natural disaster triggered an avalanche.

The Nepalese Tourism Department issued a record 371 permits this year to people to scale the mountain. However, hundreds of climbers are still waiting to summit before the monsoon arrives in early June, which marks the end of the short spring climbing season.

Climbing Everest carries risky risks of high-altitude related sicknesses, and every spring climbing season in recent years has claimed lives, with more than 280 dying over the years, according to The Washington Post.

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