Ann Coulter Speech At UC Berkeley Canceled Due To Fear Of Violence


The organisers of the event, the Young America's Foundation (YAF) and Berkeley College Republicans, then said they would sue the university.

UC Berkeley canceled an event hosted by the Berkeley College Republicans club that was to feature the conservative firebrand. However, by giving in to the demands of those who threaten the safety of others, free speech has effectively been shut down.

The fracas over Ms. Coulter has unfolded in an already fractious atmosphere.

In February people took to the streets to protest an appearance by right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos.

Berkeley, known as the home of the free speech movement, was under heavy police watch on Thursday as hundreds of people waving American flags and chanting US gathered in a park to protest a canceled appearance by conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

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Though Coulter's speech at UC Berkeley was canceled, far-right supporters were planning rallies Thursday to denounce what they claim is an attempt to silence their conservative views.

KCBS reports ( ) that university police are preparing for violent outbreaks between militant factions on both sides.

Chancellor Nicholas Dirks said the only reason she could not speak on Thursday was because the venue available was not safe; it could not be cordoned off, he said, and had floor-to-ceiling glass. "The number of venues on this campus that meet those criteria are few and far between". And it demonstrated that today by taking a stance many of their left-leaning supporters probably won't like: defending Ann Coulter's freedom of speech.

Classes will be held tomorrow as scheduled, Mogulof said. The event was held to discuss the cancellation of speaker Ann Coulter's appearance on campus. "It could last for months, it could last for over a year", and it may seek to establish a nationwide precedent that would bind other campuses, she said: "This is the long game that we're playing".

Dan Mogulof, a Berkeley spokesman, wrote in an email that the university had "heard nothing" from Coulter or the sponsors. Another group called the Orange County Alt Right Group planned a rally in the same place.

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Appearing on "Outnumbered", Judge Pirro said the university's claims about student safety are "disingenuous".

"They caved to the mob and the mob won and the mob is emboldened", Watters declared. They blamed the university for failing to ensure protection of conservative speakers.

It was hard to hear the soft-spoken Mr. Tahmas and later the group's president, Troy Worden, over the shouts of protesters who materialized on the scene with a bullhorn. "And I'm so sorry for free speech crushed by thugs", she said. As Peter Beinart points at The Atlantic, if Middlebury students take the opposition to same-sex marriage as a form of hate speech, what's to stop them from shutting down nearly any Republican speaker from having a voice on campus - including fellow students?

The latest controversy surrounding Coulter's visit has tested Berkeley's legacy as a champion of free speech and elicited criticism from both Democrats and Republicans. "Now she's making herself look like the victim and Berkeley like the bad guys", he said. Berkeley police Capt. Alex Yao confirmed at a news conference "highly visible law enforcement" would be on hand Thursday, according to the Associated Press. "It's resulting in a bad situation for our perception in the nation".

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