Corbyn apologises for failing to put a figure on free childcare policy


"We have to look at the evidence that is there at the time to make that fatal decision one way or the other".

The poll found just over half of the 1,009 respondents thought May would make the best prime minister, whilst support for Labour's Jeremy Corbyn stood at just 30%, albeit higher than in previous surveys.

"Why? I know what additional Tory austerity is doing right now". May, who was at times heckled by the audience during the televised questioning, was asked by a serving policeman about "devastating" cuts to police numbers during her six-year tenure as interior minister.

He added: "I think if you are to lead, you have to be prepared to listen as well, and I enjoy that".

Mrs May also reaffirmed that she would walk away from the forthcoming Brexit negotiations without a deal rather than accept a "bad" deal.

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Jeremy Corbyn has apologised for being unable to name the estimated cost of Labour's flagship childcare policy after it was unveiled on Tuesday.

"You picked one 10-second quote there", she said.

A small business owner attacked Mr Corbyn's "ruthless short-sighted policies" such as increasing corporation tax and putting VAT on private school fees.

"It is totally and absolutely completely unacceptable for anyone to throw abuse at anyone else", the Labour leader said. "I felt that she was exploiting the situation". "And he could have been", he said.

Meanwhile, bookmakers are still clearly backing the Tories to see off the challenge by Mr Corbyn's Labour and the Liberal Democrats, who are campaigning for a "soft Brexit".

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Mr Corbyn, meeting staff at a nursery in Westminster, said today: "The Labour party believes every child, no matter what their background, deserves a good start in life, and that childcare costs shouldn't be a barrier for parents who want to go back to work".

"Labour hopes to secure friendlier coverage - based around set-piece interviews and profiles - without having to contend with a cantankerous rolling mob of journalists", BuzzFeed News said.

She said there were "boy jobs and girl jobs" in their household, which some voters branded sexist.

She was pressed by Mr Paxman over her climbdowns on a proposed Budget hike in national insurance and her social care changes just days after they were unveiled in the Tories' election manifesto - and what it would mean for the Brexit negotiations.

Betfair spokeswoman Katie Baylis said: "There's no doubt Labour are closing the gap in the polls, which is a sentiment that's also being reflected in the odds and it seems Corbyn gave his Labour party a slight advantage after last night's "debate" with the party's odds shortening into 11/1 from 13/1 yesterday on the Most Seats market".

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