Courtesy of Intel, Thunderbolt 3 port may soon be everywhere!


Thunderbolt 3 is essentially a high-speed interface that brings four times the bandwidth to what USB-C is now capable of, is 8x faster than USB 3.0 and provides 4x more bandwidth than HDMI 1.4.

"Microsoft and Intel are working together to enable Thunderbolt 3 on Windows PCs", said Microsoft.

To be fair, Microsoft probably has a point: the new universal port can be confusing to consumers, as all USB-C ports you find today on PCs or phones don't have the same capabilities: not all of them support Thunderbolt 3, a different and faster protocol than USB 3.1.

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First of all, the company will integrate the Thunderbolt 3 protocol (which uses USB-C ports, remember) into future Intel CPUs. This move could see more and more manufacturers adopt USB-C as main charging and data transfer method connector. It foresees Thunderbolt via USB Type-C to be a key enabler of these goals.

This will mean thinner and lighter devices, according to the firm, while more devices could benefit from Thunderbolt 3's improved battery efficiency. The two changes should make the Thunderbolt interface, which now supports transfer speeds of up to 40 Gbps, the de facto standard for data ports on everything from desktop PCs to virtual reality headsets.

Two key strategic decisions have been made by Intel to help its visions of widespread Thunderbolt 3 adoption become reality. This means that no additional space on the motherboard or logic board has to be sacrificed to a separate controller.

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"Apple and Intel have collaborated on Thunderbolt from the beginning, and as the industry leader in its adoption, we applaud Intel's efforts to integrate Thunderbolt technology into its CPUs and open it up to the rest of the industry".

Partially because Thunderbolt 3 relies on a discrete controller chip at the moment, however, manufacturers have reserved the feature for premium notebooks and motherboards-if it's implemented at all.

Thunderbolt 3 is capable of data transfer speeds of up to 40Gbps, and up to 100w for power transfer. Gamers might also feel me empowered, as Thunderbolt 3 allows them to have skinny laptops that attach to graphics boosters when gaming.

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