Destiny 2 Will Dump Grimoire Cards In Favor Of A Richer Story


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One year after the events of Destiny: Rise of Iron, the Red Legion faction of the Cabal, a military-industrial empire of massive amphibians, attack The Last City with overwhelming forces, led by their commander, Dominus Ghaul. Our solution was to keep Grimoire Cards as a concept, assuming Bungie were attached to them as an idea, but have an in-game way to read them.

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For those wondering if Destiny 2 was being reimagined from the ground up, the short answer is no. There are new Raids and Nightfalls, which have a social-focused approach to matchmaking called "Guided Games", which is integrated well with the new clans system.

The console version of the game will have a framerate of 30 FPS (frames-per-second) while the PC version will have an unlocked framerate.

If indeed there is a PC release date delay, which isn't official by the way, I might get it on PS4 to bide the time until PC - at which point I'll never touch the PS4 version again.

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Kotaku's preview also takes on the PC build, describing playing Destiny 2 on PC as "wild" and noting that it appears well optimised. A lot of the stuff that was in the Grimoire before, we want just regular people to just play and encounter in the game.

The Grimoire cards from the first game won't exist in its sequel. If you really like Destiny, of course, that's not such bad news'.

You can also see some of what the inventory UI looks like as well. The Lost Sectors you find, when you discover those dungeons and these bosses, you make your own stories as you go as a player.

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