Digvijaya Singh booked for controversial tweet against Telangana police


Days before the Chief Minister convening a meeting with police officials and staff to know ground level report on police functioning in the state, the IPS fraternity is understood to have expressed contradictory views on registering cases on political leaders like Digvijaya Singh stating it is purely "political strategy" and nothing to do with investigation. Is it moral? Has KCR authorised the police to trap Muslims and encourage them to join ISIS?

- digvijaya singh (@digvijaya_28) May 1, 2017The issue is whether Telangana Police should be trapping Muslim Youths in becoming ISIS modules by posting inflammatory information?

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Speaking to reporters at AICC headquarters on Thursday, Singh said he had evidence to prove his charge that the Telangana police had created a fake website to lure Muslim youths and later kill them in encounters.

"I am thankful to the Telangana government for getting this case registered". "If he has then shouldn't he own the responsibility and resign?" "If he hasn't then shouldn't he enquire and punish those who are responsible for committing such a heinous crime [sic]". Singh said in a series of tweets. The Telangana government had warned the leader on Tuesday to either apologise for his tweet or face action.

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Telangana police chief Anurag Sharma had said that unfounded allegations from a senior responsible leader will lower the morale and image of police which is engaged in fighting anti-national forces.

This case was registered over his alleged post about the madrassas (seminaries) and the RSS-run Saraswati Sishu Mandirs. Singh said on Twitter.

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The Telangana police received two complaints, one in Jubilee Hills and another in One Town police station under Karimnagar Commissionerate, seeking action over his comments.