DNC calls for firing Trump's son-in-law over Russia revelations


A top White House official said Trump was fully immersed in his meetings with world leaders and was impressed by their arguments about how crucial US leadership is in supporting their shared worldwide efforts.

The State Department, the White House National Security Council and us intelligence agencies all have the ability to set up secure communications channels with foreign leaders, though doing so for a transition team would be unusual.

A White House spokesperson had no immediate comment.

The White House disclosed Mr Kushner's meeting with Mr Kislyak in March, four months after it happened, and played down its importance. This news is much more hard to caveat.

"Mr. Kushner previously volunteered to share with Congress what he knows about these meetings".

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The United States regards Hapilon as one of the world's most unsafe terrorists, offering a bounty of $5 million for his capture. The city of Marawi was still largely sealed off Thursday, although automatic gunfire and explosions could be heard.

The idea that Kushner was just a "witness" to wrongdoing can be completely discarded. A security clearance is required for anyone who is privvy to the nation's deepest secrets.

Reports in the USA say investigators believe he has relevant information, but he is not necessarily suspected of a crime.

Besides the Kushner developments, which strikes at Trump's core by drawing his family into the crisis, the White House also faces a cascade of other worries in the coming week.

In yet another report based on anonymous sources, the Washington Post reported Friday that Jared Kushner, President Trump's top aide and son-in-law, was attempting to secure a secret channel of communication between the Russian government and the Trump transition team.

"The Russians can go to him and say, well, hey, we're going to provide information out there that you may not like and all of a sudden he is in a compromised position", Lieu said.

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In a speech at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem , he said the Palestinians were "ready to reach for peace", but did not elaborate. On Friday and Saturday, the president is back in Italy, specifically on the island of Sicily, for the Group of Seven summit.

Reuters reported last week that a proposal for a back channel was discussed between McMaster's predecessor Mike Flynn and the Russian ambassador as Trump prepared to take office.

Federal investigators and several congressional committees are looking into Russia-Trump campaign connections, including allegations that there may have been collaboration to help Mr Trump and harm his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. Forgetting to disclose your meetings with the Russians.

Beyond a possible connection between the Russian government and the Trump campaign, investigators are also checking on potential "financial crimes", the Washington Post states. The U.S., meanwhile, is in "a period of reflection", Gentiloni said.

As the Washington Post noted, intelligence experts say the move would show "staggering naivete" on the part of Jared Kushner if true. Entous said sources had confirmed that USA intelligence intercepted Kislyak's reporting of the meeting.

Before the election, Kislyak's undisclosed discussions with Kushner and Flynn focused on fighting terrorism and improving U.S.

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"There is no collusion between, certainly myself and my campaign, but I can only speak for myself and the Russians". His actions have crossed so many lines that there are none left to cross.