Drone films devastation wreaked by deadly tornado in Oklahoma


Around the same time, a tornado hit Barron County, Wisconsin.

In another post they wrote, "If you live in the area that was hit by the tornado you cannot go back to your residence at this time".

The majority of damage occurred on the south side of the city, the Elk City Police Department said in a statement.

Mikles had reportedly made a decision to leave his mobile home to seek shelter right before the tornado hit.

He also said the storm hit telephone services in the city, according to Koco News 5.

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The Red Cross says dozens of people who lost their homes when a tornado leveled a trailer park in northwestern Wisconsin are staying with relatives or friends while others are using donated hotel rooms and a temporary shelter.

One of the tornadoes that touched down during storms that barreled through a large swath of the central US destroyed about 20 homes in central Kansas.

Storms barreled through a large swath of the central US and tornadoes reportedly touched down in four other states, including Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and Oklahoma, where another man was killed trying to flee to safety.

"There is definitely the potential for all the severe weather hazards", including tornadoes and hail, Hultquist said. He also said the storm destroyed 40 homes and damaged 50 to 75 others severely. Multiple people were trapped in homes after a tornado touched down south of Elk City. Mikles body was found in a field behind his mobile home and his pickup was found several hundred feet away by neighbors.

Several poultry barns at a turkey processing plant across the street were badly damaged, and turkeys could be seen wandering in the debris. "MY thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the tornado in Elk City tonight", she tweeted.

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In eastern Nebraska, winds damaged homes, farms and businesses and left thousands of people without electricity.

Tuesday's storms were part of two supercells that formed in the Texas Panhandle before moving to the north and east.

The region could be in for more potentially damaging storms.

One person is believed to be dead and dozens of homes completely flattened after the twister hit land.

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