Fidget spinner safety: Doctor warns parents to monitor their child's usage


The toys, which have ball bearings, are held between the fingers and spun.

While it's hard to walk around Beirut today without seeing at least one person idly spinning away, Bou Monsef said that like other fads, the toy became a hit and would eventually be replaced by a different craze.

"Speaking to the teachers, they said they haven't seen too many of them around town yet", the spokeswoman said.

Wal-Mart's first-quarter comparable sales beat estimates
Shares of Walmart rose 2% in early trading Thursday on the news, adding to the stock's already impressive year-to-date rally. Notably, Wal-Mart was able to increase traffic to its US stores at a time when others are seeing fewer shoppers.

"Conventional teaching and treatment methods demand that ADHD children remain still, and the ability to focus on the lesson is lost in the child's struggle to focus on not squirming or fidgeting", said the study's author, Dustin Sarver, MD, a pediatrics professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and researcher at the Center for Advancement of Youth. They cost anywhere around $5.00 to $25.00, and sometimes they cost more. In addition, being allowed to move increased their cognitive arousal and alertness.

Originally meant to relieve stress, like twiddling your thumbs, a growing number of school districts complain students are bringing them to school and using them inappropriately.

It's a growing problem, according to Propel teacher Krista Frederick.

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The EC said that Facebook said it could not match its user accounts automatically on its platform with those of WhatsApp. The Commission's issue centers around Facebook linking its accounts to WhatsApp user identities.

Just when we thought things couldn't get any crazier - a 6 year old school kid from Northern Ireland asked his barber if he could get a fidget spinner shaved into the back of his head!

Not all children benefit from playing with fidget toys. The district also released a statement that read, "We do not have policy regarding fidgets and they have not been an issue".

The story cites "reports by local media" as saying that the purported incident took place while students were racing their fidget spinners in a classroom.

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