For the Boston Celtics, trading Isaiah Thomas is not the answer


Boston Celtics?point guard Isaiah Thomas said his team can not overreact to Wednesday's lopsided loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. I'm talking about Paul George's tweet to Bleacher Report after the tweeted a quote from Paul Pierce who said they Celtics should trade their #1 pick in this year's draft. Thomas and Fultz have known each other for years, as both played at the University of Washington. But the latter is sure the two could work together.

When the Boston Celtics acquired Thomas they were in need of a go-to scoring presence and Thomas filled that role in a way that far exceeded expectations. "He's a good friend of mine". "We understand that he's from Los Angeles, but we're going to draft whoever can help the Celtics regardless of where the players want to play".

Towards the end of the game on Monday, one of the announcers mentioned the draft lottery, saying that we won't see it again, where a top team like The Celtics has a chance at the #1 pick in the draft: usually that honor goes to the worst of the worst. That's some prestigious company for the last pick of the draft.

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"It's always, 'He's good...and he's 5'9", Thomas said.

The early indication is that Boston plans to keep the pick, likely eyeing Fultz as the first selection in the draft. He's not staying. Trade him and get something for him. Now, I would try to persuade Gordon to sign as a free agent - you don't have to trade for him.

"I have to be in attack mode, just put the pressure on the defense, see what happens". With Fultz potentially heading to Bahhhston after the Celtics get swept by LeBron, your first thought is what that would mean for Isaiah Thomas.

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Paul George has one year left on his contract with the Indiana Pacers before becoming a free agent in the summer of 2018. "With a team like that, the defending champions, you can't let them hit first". J.J. Redick brings all of those things and if they lose him in L.A., it's more about his shooting that the kind of player he's become.

"We want to be smart and intelligent about it, but, look, we want to win", Harris said. That said, one benefit of the Nets signing veterans like Redick is that the Celtics 2018 first-round pick via Brooklyn would be worsened. In Steven's high screen-and-roll offense, Thomas absolutely thrives as the primary ball handler.

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