Hospitals no longer diverting patients — NHS cyber attack


There were no reported cases in New Zealand.

"Anyone forced to pay the ransom is guilty of dereliction of duty", Goldstuck said. Most stations had recovered.

'We're not talking about a government organisation or a hospital or anything like that.

Experts are still trying to determine who launched the ransomware attack.

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"The National Cyber Security Centre and the NCA (National Crime Agency) are working with Europol and other worldwide partners", said Rudd.

NHS Digital has announced updated guidelines on protecting against future cyber-attacks including instructions to install a patch to protect systems against further attacks and malicious viruses.

Security officials in Britain urged organizations to protect themselves by installing the security fixes, running antivirus software and backing up data elsewhere.

"Although borderline legal, our experience with cyber-crime has proven that legislation is often lagging when it comes to regulation, which is why cooperation between law enforcement and security vendors is needed now more than ever".

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The problem with the attack was that individual IT staff at different pharmacy chains were working independently on the problem and there could have been more communication. "We have seen no impact on our critical infrastructure, we have seen no impact in the health systems which is important, we have had no reports of any government agencies, state, territories or commonwealth impacted by this", MacGibbon said.

Computer systems at companies and hospitals in dozens of countries were hit Friday, apparently part of a huge extortion plot.

But no one anticipated simply registering the domain would halt the spread of this attack.

However some hospitals are still suffering disruption from the cyber attack, which hit 200,000 victims across 150 countries around the world.

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The malware encrypts files on devices and demands a ransom be paid before they are unlocked. The opposition Labour Party accused the Conservative government of leaving the National Health Service (NHS) vulnerable. But UK hospitals, Chinese universities and global firms like Fedex also reported they had come under assault. As is becoming all too common, the hackers transmitted the ransomware via a phishing e-mail, and then, once the user clicked the bait, the hackers used a method thought to have been developed by the National Security Agency, and locked businesses out of their systems. It crippled the British health care system for a day, infecting nearly 20 percent of its health care groups, forcing medical treatments to be canceled or postponed for thousands of people.