House fails to pass Republican state funding package with deadline days away


The committee's appropriation is about $800,000 higher than what was included in the final House budget and Gov. Charlie Baker's budget recommendation.

While the version of the tax reform plan likely to be introduced Tuesday does not have the accompanying analysis on its long-term impact, previous versions of the same bill showed it resulted in a balanced budget in 2018 and potentially 2019, but returned to large budget deficits in the future. In earlier votes, the legislation fell short of the two-thirds threshold, passing the Oklahoma House 59-31 and the Senate by a 28-16 margin.

The Democrat's administration continues to negotiate with state employee union leaders to secure a possible labor concessions deal.

In addition to expanding tribal gaming, that plan would have raised more than $400 million in new, recurring revenue by hiking the price of cigarettes, capping itemized deductions, restoring an income tax credit and slashing about $50 million in oil and gas subsidies, supporters said.

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Morrison also said the government was open to acquiring a larger share or outright ownership of the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme. The budget will be the first since PM Malcolm Turnbull's government was re-elected on a tiny majority a year ago .

"We tried to incorporate the concerns of small business owners who were anxious about the impact", said Senate Ways and Means Chairwoman Karen Spilka, D-Ashland, in a briefing with reporters Tuesday.

The GOP-controlled Senate voted 36-9 on Monday for the bill with 36 votes needed to meet the three-fourths threshold required for a tax increase to pass.

Democrats have long said that any tax increases, like on motor fuel, are non-starters.

Sweeping revenues from electric bills would be a solution under his caucus plan only for the next two fiscal years. The tax hike would have raised almost $215 million to fortify health care programs, Medicaid and rural hospitals across the state, budget officials said. But she would not rule out cutting revenue projections during later negotiations with the House, a move that might then require corresponding cuts in spending.

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— Includes a new $15 million program to help low-income children access preschool. The latter plan will cost $52.5 million.

Fiscal watchdogs say the state needs to find a way to reduce MassHealth costs, which are projected to grow by 4 percent, or $322 million, next fiscal year.

Fallin said GOP lawmakers took a little bit of each party's plan and put it together into a larger package that Republicans, at least, could agree on.

"We recognize we may need to adjust", she said. But the Oklahoma Tax Commission estimates the increase would raise just $20 million in additional revenue next year. It's time for Comey to testify before Congress. - Adam Kinzinger (@RepKinzinger) May 16, 2017 The impetus for lawmakers to hear from Comey came in the wake of a blockbuster New York Times story - which said that Comey had made notes after meetings with the President earlier this year, and that in one of those conversations, Mr. Trump had asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation chief to end a probe of top aide, Michael Flynn. "When we get down to these big numbers, you've got to look at things that normally you would not look at, " he told reporters at a press conference. "I that's what the people of Oklahoma expect of us". "The Senate Democrats are more interested in getting to the negotiating table and getting to work".

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