I was 'psyched to terminate NAFTA' but reconsidered


Canada's stance is wait-and-see.

The National Milk Producers Federation, the U.S. Dairy Export Council and the International Dairy Foods Association praised the members for writing the letter.

Following his decision to not withdraw the United States from NAFTA this week, President Donald Trump described himself as both "a nationalist and a globalist", triggering chatter online about what his reversal means for his "America first" campaign rhetoric.

He later said renegotiation was "starting today". Would it be impossibly hard to negotiate a new agreement that had every one of these desirable properties?

Trump briefly moved in that direction this week.

Trudeau refused to rule out retaliatory measures in response to the US moves, but he said both he and Trump prefer to keep relations "positive and co-operative".

The mere rumour of it happening had an impact.

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US cereal producers, meanwhile, said they were "shocked and very worried" about the fate of NAFTA.

Within a day, Trump had withdrawn his finger from the trigger.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had a similar phone call with Trump on Wednesday in which he told the us president that canceling NAFTA would cause a lot of disruption and be painful for many families.

"I am very upset with NAFTA".

He reiterated his long-standing assertion that the 1994 trade agreement has been "very good for Canada".

"It says to them "Hey, nothing's sacred", except the United States wants to have a reasonable agreement, and if he's not going to get it, we're going to change", he said.

Many businesses complain that pulling out of NAFTA would disrupt the cross-border supply chain companies have built since the agreement took effect 23 years ago. The prime minister said he pointed out that a lot of jobs and industries were developed under NAFTA - if the deal were cancelled, it would create too much disruption. The laughter was prompted by the part about Trump not nuking NAFTA because he finds Trudeau and Mexico's Enrique Pena Nieto such swell guys.

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Trudeau said the president appeared to be considering it. "We have to reach a better understanding within the administration".

"I think that that is what helped the president slow down the process, not unilaterally withdraw or give notice of withdrawal".

The announcement came as White House officials disclosed that Trump and his White House advisers were considering issuing an executive order to withdraw the United States from the trade pact with Canada and Mexico.

As news of the president's plan reached Ottawa and Mexico City in the middle of the week and rattled the markets and Congress, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, and others huddled in meetings with Trump, urging him not to sign a document triggering a US withdrawal from NAFTA.

But even a president's threats have their limits.

"Withdrawing from #NAFTA would be a disaster for #Arizona jobs & economy", the Republican tweeted. Under Article 2205, a president can order a pullout and then after six months can start executing it. But he also says he had a change of heart during phone calls with the leaders of Canada and Mexico.

"The political calendar works against a NAFTA renegotiation".

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"As I wrote to you right after your election, many candidates have promised big changes in U.S. trade policy only to cave to corporate pressure upon reaching the White House", Brown wrote in Monday's letter to Trump.