Ideal postseason 'doesn't matter' to Warriors' Durant


That said, I don't see the series going seven this time, for a couple of reasons. He was asked what it means. "I always like to stay even-keeled and just play the game the right way".

In 2015, the Warriors won their first championship in 40 years, needing six games to knock off the Cavaliers, who were without the injured Irving and fellow all-star Kevin Love. I'm taking part in practices, helping with the messaging, taking part in coaching meetings, but I'm not on the sidelines during games.

Game 1 is at Oracle Arena Thursday night.

Yeah, the guy's not too bad. To pass Michael Jordan when you're still in the prime of your career, one of the greats of all-time? "Just here trying to get some autographs, I've done LeBron James before", said King.

He doesn't have to.

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Appearing in his seventh straight Finals, James isn't chasing redemption.

Golden State Warriors are favourites for glory in the NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers, something head coach Steve Kerr is surprised by.

And he did not just do it with scoring. "I was uncomfortable and in a lot of pain but I did fine, I could make it through", he said. I sort of assumed all a year ago that by the summer I'd get this thing knocked out. And while he was able to average 30.6 points per game, the Thunder faltered, losing to the Heat in 5 games.

"Every year his game has gotten better".

Both teams are better than they were a year ago, but one thing remains the same: few outside of northeast OH are giving the Cavaliers much chance of winning. Now, basketball fans will be getting what has been a Foregone Conclusion for the last couple of months: The two best teams, the two teams with the most avid TV following, the two teams with the most polarizing players (James and Curry), the undisputed, no-flukes-here, best in the business in a best-of-seven battle that could go either way. The Cavs come back healthy and beat a team with half of a Stephen Curry and an abbreviated Draymond Green, and again we're left wondering what if.

After three quarters: Cavaliers 109, Celtics 74
The two rivals have split the previous two encounters. "There seems to be a theme when I'm out, I think the team is like 108-2". James drove to the basket uncontested with 6:38 left in the third to put the Cavaliers up, 90-65, sending fans to the exits.

National Football League players would kill for that much time off. Baseball and hockey just laugh at it. They execute at the defensive end of the floor. Currently, they're beating opponents by 16.4 per 100 possessions- the most ever- and this postseason they've won by double digits ten times. "They're supposed to win.' That is disrespectful to them", Popovich said.

James gave proper respect. The Cavaliers, they're the champs. Is James' first house, in the Akron inner city and condemned when he was 5 years old, still standing?

LeBron James could not offer a firm reply. "Then add the offensive package, their movement, their shooting ability". [Tim Duncan] on the same team.

LeBron has said before that he's perpetually chasing the ghost of that one guy in Chicago, and it appears that pursuit won't end when his playing days are over if he does, indeed, follow Michael Jordan's footsteps into National Basketball Association ownership.

This comes the same day that Rivers - who coached that 2008 Boston Celtics team - said on ESPN's Mike & Mike radio show that he felt as though it wasn't a competitive thing for Durant to do.

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Golden State has a set of remarkable All-Stars to rely on.