Jury acquits Tulsa officer in shooting of unarmed black man


Instead, Crutcher's death - another involving an unarmed black man at the hands of police - touched off Black Lives Matter protests and calls for greater transparency from local authorities.

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum said the verdict does not change the fact that more work needs to be done to address racial disparities.

Shelby was arrested shortly after officials released videos of the shooting, which showed Crutcher walking on the road with his arms in the air before being shot. Tiffany Crutcher also criticized police for not immediately providing care after he was shot. They must decide whether Tulsa officer Betty Jo Shelby went too far September 16 when she killed 40-year-old Terence Crutcher.

Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler charged Shelby six days after the shooting. At left is Leanna Crutcher, the mother of Terence Crutcher.

Supporters said, although the criminal part of the Crutcher case is over, the family is filing a civil suit.

Speaking after a jury found Shelby not guilty of manslaughter, Rev. Joey Crutcher, father of Terence Crutcher, said: "Let it be known that I believe in my heart that Betty Shelby got away with murder". It's unclear what kind of information they had about him or his vehicle that would have warranted several officers and a helicopter to be on the scene for what should have been a routine traffic stop but nevertheless the video footage shows officers bum-rushing him while his hands are up.

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She said Shelby is relieved by the jury's verdict.

A jury has acquitted a white Oklahoma police officer who says she fired out of fear a year ago when she killed an unarmed black man with his hands held above his head.

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — A jury on Wednesday acquitted a white Oklahoma police officer who says she fired out of fear past year when she killed an unarmed black man with his hands held above his head.

Tulsa officer Betty Jo Shelby killed 40-year-old Terence Crutcher Sept. 16 on a city street where his SUV had stalled.

Terence Crutcher's sister said the hours after the verdict have been tough.

She said it's wrong for the DA to accuse officers in the case of corruption when the DA never accused them of it in cases before or after this one.

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Defense Attorney Shannon McMurray says Shelby is "elated and very proud of her jury".

Crutcher's family called the verdict a disappointment and the police department "corrupt".

The statements outraged Crutcher's family, who said they indicated a racial bias. The jury comprised eight women and four men and included three African-Americans.

Police said Crutcher failed to obey commands, and Shelby testified she thought Crutcher was reaching for something in his SUV.

During the trial, prosecutors told jurors that Shelby overreacted, arguing that Crutcher had his hands in their air and wasn't being combative.

Prosecutors said during closing arguments that Crutcher was not a threat to Shelby.

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About 100 demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse and some briefly blocked a main street, but police kept a relatively low profile, standing about a block away.