Many don't use sunscreen properly, raising risk of skin cancer


Researchers set up free sunscreen dispensers at the Minnesota State Fair in the U.S. and observed 2,187 people using them over the course of 93 hours.

One of the most common forms of cancer in the United States is skin cancer.

The sunscreen aisle at CVS just got a major makeover in the name of skin health.

Topping the list for sunscreens with SPF levels less than half of what they claimed was Babyganics Mineral-Based Lotion SPF 50+ ($10).

While she recognizes the goal of educating consumers on the important of sun safety, Jonas said they caution consumers that "the results of the Consumer Reports testing can not be directly compared to a label claim".

Consumer Reports magazine will release the full report and rankings in its July issue.

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This sunscreen recieved a ideal score of 100 for the third year in a row from Consumer Reports.

"You should use about an ounce", Calvo says.

Fact: Not only is this false, it is a risky message.

Myth: I only need sunscreen for long days in the sun and don't need to reapply.

To apply the correct amount of sunscreen, make sure a teaspoon is applied to each part of the body: one teaspoon for the face, head and neck; one for each arm, one for each leg, one for the chest and abdomen and one for the back and the neck.

About 17,000 people used the free sunscreen.

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Fact: Incidental sun exposure is the kind of sun exposure that you may not be aware of.

The most expensive sunscreen in a poll of leading high-street brands failed to provide the protection it claims, according to a consumer watchdog report. The UVB rays are responsible for sunburn and can also lead to skin cancer as well.

"Unfortunately, for many people, sun protection is not a priority", said senior study author Dr. Ingrid Polcari of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

This sunscreen also touts how easy it is to brush sand off of it, which would come in so clutch when you're applying sunscreen on the beach (and you're not actually looking for heavy grade exfoliation).

Some sunscreen lotions also offer protection against the ultraviolet A or UVA rays, which are responsible for the skin's aging and melanoma.

It should offer broad spectrum (UVA and UVB) protection and have a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 or higher, the AAD recommends.

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