May the Fourth be With You, It's Star Wars Day


And last April an estimated 70,000 people visited Orlando for Star Wars Celebration.

Other events in the United States included special "Star Wars"-themed activities at the Walt Disney Co's Disneyland amusement park in California. But what they don't know, is that I'll be their surprise co-star".

To mark the unofficial Star Wars Day of celebration on Thursday, aptly named May the Fourth Be With You, here is a look at how every film in the franchise performed. To celebrate Star Wars Mr. Sadler will be watching Star Wars in his room at lunch and wearing his Obi-Wan robe all day. Whether it's Leia buns or Rey's buns in the video provided, these are ways to bring the Force with you on any day of the week.

While May 4 being "Star Wars Day" is not Lucasfilm's idea, the company that created Star Wars has embraced the concept.

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Here in this galaxy there is a day to highlight just about everything.

From phone cases to action figures, bed sheets, stationery and lunch boxes, Star Wars is arguably the most universally merchandised film series of all time.

"I've always been a fan of Star Wars and also of the music of (Star Wars theme composer) John Williams".

As in the books, in Star Wars Rebels a central piece of Grand Admiral Thrawn's character is his careful study of his enemies - often accomplished by reviewing the art of their culture.

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After all, it rhymes with the classic send-off in the original "Star Wars" film - "May the Force be with You".

But don't get too excited that Ahmed is really hanging out at a Star Wars event right now.

We've all seen the Star Wars films dozens of times, but we bet there are still some secret cameos you might have missed over the last 40 years.

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