No politician has been treated more unfairly


Marine One departs the South Lawn as President Donald Trump traveled to CT for a Coast Guard commencement ceremony, at the White House in Washington, May 17, 2017.

Mr Trump did not directly address news reports this week that he revealed highly classified information to Russian government officials and that he had asked then-FBI Director James Comey to end an investigation into his campaign's ties to Russia. Social media users immediately slammed Trump pointing out that politicians throughout U.S. and world history have faced worse and have even been killed for their views. "And I'm proud to say that under my administration, as you just heard, we will be building the first new heavy icebreakers the United States has seen in over 40 years". They will not always be treated fairly, he said, and things will happen to them that "you do not deserve". He said opposition mounts in relation to how righteous one's fight is. "And you will pursue the terrorists, you will stop the drug smugglers, and you will seek to keep out all who would do harm to our country - all who can never, ever love our country", Trump said. "Things will work out just fine" - he also used the occasion to boost his own ego and whine about the media. But he says, "you can not let them get you down". "You can't let them get you down" is something the commander-in-chief actually said in a commencement speech at the Coast Guard Academy today. "What drifting soul at sea with only a short time to live doesn't rejoice at the sound of chopper blades coming to rescue them from death", Trump said.

Donald Trump said the inquiry will show there was no collusion between his presidential campaign and a foreign power. "Nothing worth doing ever, ever came easy".

Several injured, 1 dead after speeding vehicle drives into Times Square
It was stopped after crashing into a pole on 45th Street and Broadway, where it lied with two of its wheels in the air. Law enforcement sources said Rojas tested negative for alcohol but drug test results were still pending.

"My first reaction is that he's speaking to graduates of the US Coast Guard Academy, and these are men and women who will be on the frontlines of protecting the homeland", Tapper said on CNN.

"I look at your admirals, I look at Gen. Kelly, I look at some of the great people in service, and I want to tell you: They're excited about life".

Adding to the irony is Trump addressing Coast Guard graduates whilst his own service record consists of four college deferments, and one for bad feet despite being a fit, healthy and sporting youngster.

Suspect in deadly Times Square mayhem charged with murder
Elsman also has a 16-year-old brother, the relative says, but he is believed not to have been at the scene . "She was bright. Before the crash, her 13-year-old sister posted a video on Instagram showing a view of bustling Times Square.

"You have to act", Trump said. But we're doing a job.

This will be President Trump's second time delivering a commencement speech in the past week, as he also spoke at the graduation ceremony of Liberty University on Saturday.

The Coast Guard is famous for rescues at sea. Sporting signs, including "Hillary for Prison", a reference to Trump's 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton, the Trump supporters were joined outside the academy by dozens of protesters who sported signs urging Trump to step down.

BofA opens debate on lowering mortgage down payments
The rate stood at 3.58 percent a year ago and averaged 3.65 percent in 2016, the lowest level in records dating to 1971. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) averaged 4.02 percent, down from last week when it averaged 4.05 percent.

The fresh USA crisis sank the dollar as well as Hong Kong stocks amid worries that Trump's economy-boosting and tax-cutting agenda could be derailed, as both analysts and handful of lawmakers on Capitol Hill began openly to raise the prospect of a possible impeachment.