Religious Liberty Case Brings First Supreme Test for Gorsuch


Neil Gorsuch jumped into the fray after only a few minutes in his first day on the bench Monday, ultimately asking dozens. Mr. Neal Katyal, who introduced Gorsuch to the Senate Judiciary Committee during the Supreme Court Justice's confirmation process, represented the town of Chester, New York, which was the petitioner of the case.

WIPR recently asked whether Judge Neil Gorsuch's confirmation as a US Supreme Court associate justice is good for IP, but it seems that our readers are split.

Gorsuch took less than 15 minutes to begin asking questions during an employment discrimination case.

Though already a justice, Gorsuch did not participate last week in the court's weekly conference at which the eight not only discuss and vote on previously argued cases but decide which cases to hear in the future.

"Perry v. Merit Systems Protection Board" asks whether a Protection Board decision decided on jurisdictional grounds in a case involving both local and federal claims must be reviewed in the U.S. Court of Appeals or can be heard in district court on appeal. "I'm sorry for taking up so much time", Gorsuch said.

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It was the first of three hour-long arguments the high court was set to hear on Monday. The justices had removed one chair from the bench after Scalia died more than 14 months ago.

As the court was called into session this morning, Chief Justice John Roberts welcomed the former 10th Circuit judge, and wished him "a long and happy career in our common call".

All eyes will be trained on the court's most recent addition, the 49-year-old Gorsuch, to see how he interacts with his new colleagues and to try to glean clues about his jurisprudence.

Gorsuch appeared chummy with Sotomayor throughout the day's arguments, sharing a laugh at the start and end of the first case.

We also took issue with his views that government-sponsored religious displays were constitutional in two other cases. Lawyers for the families seek to challenge their expedited removal proceedings in federal court arguing they face gender-based violence at home.

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At this point, Gorsuch again suggested the simple solution is to just read the words in the statute, but Gorsuch had a relatively novel idea of what a statute means when it says to apply one provision "subject to" another provision of the law.

As Gorsuch first emerged from behind the court's maroon velvet curtains with his colleagues, he seemed to pause for a moment to take in the scene.

Justice Gorsuch's educational record speaks for itself, with a degree in political science from Columbia University, a law degree from Harvard, and a doctorate in legal philosophy from Oxford University. Gorsuch asked a government lawyer.

The newest U.S. Supreme Court justice at the White House last week.

He was an exceptionally active questioner, displaying an easy familiarity with the issues in the minor and technical cases before the court.

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