Ruth Davidson seeks support of Labour voters to defeat SNP


The Scottish Socialist Party has urged the snap general election to be run as "The Independence Election", urging "Corbyn voters in Scotland to recognise and seize the profound opportunity independence offers here"-a fairly unambiguous call for a vote for the SNP".

And they understood that in a highly complex, interconnected world we are better facing the challenges of the future together.

This is what Ruth Davidson has to say about the rape clause.

"[They] haven't ground to a halt but they're clearly not in a position of such incredible momentum that they were in in 2015".

Ms Dugdale told them: "My message to you is this - in many parts of the country, the way to stop the nationalists is to vote Labour".

She stated: "Labour can not do any deal with another party if it would result in further austerity being imposed on local communities".

"The Labour Party campaign has outshone the Tories' comfortably".

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Labour has suspended the membership of the nine councillors pending an investigation. "Tory austerity risks hurting so many families in Aberdeen, and the Labour Party simply will not stand for that".

Ruth Davidson said Dugdale's refusal to work with the Tory councillors in Aberdeen would only help the SNP's push for independence.

Duncan added that she believed Labour HQ could still be won round to the terms of the agreement, saying: "We'll get a chance to put our case, I hope, and when we do I think the SEC will realise that what we've done is not pass on Tory austerity, but rather we're doing all we can to mitigate SNP austerity and Tory austerity".

Sarah Duncan, one of the suspended councillors, told The National the decision wasn't taken lightly.

These are extracts from the speech delivered by Kezia Dugdale, Scottish Labour leader, in Glasgow today.

He said the key campaign issues would be a new universal basic income for all adults; ending subsidies and investments in North Sea oil and gas, and other fossil fuels; re-regulating bus services and protecting social and environmental rights after Brexit.

Glasgow - The SNP has formed a minority administration, ending nearly 40 years of Labour dominance.

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"She really is lost".

The Scottish party leader will set out her proposals 24 hours after Mrs May launched the UK Conservative manifesto.

She insisted a majority of Scots are in favour of this, pointing to the decision to reject independence in 2014 and the vote to remain in the European Union past year as opposition to Tory plans for a hard Brexit.

Whittet, an SNP supporter, admitted he was taken by surprise when Theresa May announced a snap general election and he'd initially planned for the party to compete in the next Holyrood election and provide voters with a second pro-independence option. "This is absolutely shameful behaviour from Labour", McCaig said.

Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland made the most of the battle between the local and national party raging inside Labour, suggesting that the debacle showed the party would be an ineffectual opposition to the Tories at Westminster.

Dundee City Council - SNP to form administration with Independent.

New administrations are still to be agreed at a number of councils including West Lothian and Edinburgh. The manoeuvre failed. Although the SNP won the local election by a substantial margin, it was not the resounding triumph its leadership anticipated.

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