Spending bill win claimed by both sides


And Democrats and the pragmatic Republicans who negotiated the bill successfully defended other accounts targeted by Trump such as foreign aid, the Environmental Protection Agency, support for the arts, and economic development grants, among others.

The compromise reached by Republicans and Democrats calls for an increase in military spending, which has been one of Trump's priorities.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., who finds himself in the same pinch as his predecessor, John Boehner, R-Ohio, touted the spending plan in an interview Wednesday with conservative radio talk-show host Hugh Hewitt,.

Pelosi said that if Republicans pass "Trumpcare" millions will lose health coverage.

He said Republicans also had prevailed on defense funding, although the budget gives Trump only about half of what he was seeking.

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"We should be funding our priorities, not perpetuating Democrats' big government programs", the GOP senator said. No Democrats voted for the bill. Leaders have spent days scrambling to round up the votes for their legislation. There's billions more for medical research and no changes to President Barack Obama's engagement with Cuba. A major blow came when Republican moderate Rep. Fred Upton of MI announced he'd vote against it out of concern it doesn't do enough to cover patients with pre-existing conditions.

President Donald Trump declared Tuesday the US government "needs a good shutdown" this fall to fix a "mess" in the Senate, signaling on Twitter his displeasure with a bill to keep operations running.

The White House won $15 billion in emergency funding to jumpstart Trump's promise to rebuild the military and an extra $1.5 billion for border security - each short of Trump demands - leading the president on Tuesday to boast, "this is what winning looks like". Now, with Trump, the Democratic Party's most extreme leaders also want obstruction. Lawmakers announced Sunday they had reached an agreement to avoid a shutdown until October 1 - a deal that does not include several provisions sought by Trump, including money for a border wall.

Missing is money for Trump's border wall and efforts to punish cities that don't comply with federal immigration authorities.

He correctly noted that the pending measure would be a victory for Republicans because the administration succeeded in breaking the link - forged over several Obama-era spending deals - that required that any increases in military spending be matched by an equal, dollar-for-dollar increase for nondefense programs.

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Top Senate Republicans are growing frustrated with President Donald Trump's tweets and having to answer questions about them. That budget will be the first originated from the Trump White House.

They said they will back the bill with inclusion of a new amendment Upton authored adding more money to protect people with pre-existing conditions. The bill would then face a final vote in the House. He also mentioned the plus points of the spending bill, which includes the increase in defense funding.

Mr. Trump wrote in two tweets sent Tuesday morning.

The omnibus appropriations bill allocates $1.5 billion for border security but does not include funding for a wall along the U.S. -Mexico border.

With Democrats celebrating concessions they extracted in the spending bill, Trump used a Rose Garden ceremony honoring the Air Force Academy's football team to declare he and Republicans got more from the legislation than might appear.

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"They're walking around trying to make it look like they pulled one over fast on the President".