Tim Cook testing Apple's non-invasive glucose tracker prototype


However, the Apple Watch seems like the most likely candidate at this stage. Instead, we might be talking about a separate thing altogether, somehow "connected" to the main wearable and capable of continuously supervising the way your blood sugar "responds to foods you're eating" as you're ingesting them.

In February Cook talked to students at the University of Glasgow about glucose monitoring, saying: "I've been wearing a continuous glucose monitor for a few weeks", he said.

The report follows previous news of Apple hiring a small team of biomechanical engineers to develop sensors which monitor the body's blood sugar levels.

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If this technology becomes feasible then it will not only be beneficial for Apple, as it would further the sales of Apple Watch but it will essentially act like a utility for diabetic patients - for whom the hardware has been developed in the first place.

Wishing Apple Good Luck for its efforts.

It isn't yet clear if the device will be embedded into a future version of the Apple Watch, or if the finished product will be created to be worn separately.

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The source on the Apple campus told CNBC that Cook is indeed wearing a device and confirmed that it was an Apple prototype.

Apple's interest in non-invasive glucose monitoring techniques could indeed pave the way for some breakthrough research in treating diabetes and other emerging challenges in life sciences. Speaking to CNBC last month, biomedical expert John L. Smith said developing such a device has been "the most hard technical challenge I have encountered in my career". There are millions of people around the globe who have diabetes, and if Apple can deliver them a new tool that accurately measures their glucose levels, the company could stand to generate significant revenue on that investment. An attachment to the Apple Watch could be one of those options.

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