Trump Administration Says It Will Launch NAFTA Renegotiation


U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer informed Congress on May 18 of President Donald Trump's intent to initiate negotiations with Canada and Mexico "as soon as practicable", but no earlier than August 16, according to a news release.

The letter by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer formally launches a 90-day countdown before talks between the three countries can begin.

He also said that while he expects tåhe agreement to be trilateral, some of the negotiations will be bilateral.

Freeland said Thursday that Ottawa has been anticipating the notice for a long time and is ready for NAFTA talks. "We have been from day one", Freeland told reporters.

Didn't Trump already say he was willing to renegotiate NAFTA? "President Trump is going to change that", Ross said, adding that the United States looks forward to working with Mexico and Canada, to find a solution that is fair for all parties.

"NAFTA's track record is one of economic growth and middle-class job creation, both here in Canada and throughout North America", she said in a statement.

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"The United States seeks to support higher-paying jobs in the United States and to grow the USA economy by improving U.S. opportunities under NAFTA", he said. In the letter to Congress, he said the looking to modernize the agreement with new provisions in areas such as intellectual property rights, regulatory practices, customs procedures and digital trade.

Lighthizer said the US will seek to "support higher-paying jobs in the United States and to grow the USA economy by improving USA opportunities to trade with Canada and Mexico".

"Many chapters are outdated and do not reflect modern standards".

USA wheat industry officials say renegotiating NAFTA could bring benefits, but they urge caution.

Steve Verheul will be the chief negotiator on Canada's NAFTA renegotiation team, CTV News has confirmed. The trade pact eliminated tariffs _ taxes on imports _ and other trade barriers among the United States, Canada and Mexico. No recourse exists in instances where a NAFTA panel renders biased decisions that run counter to US law.

The Canadian government said it was considering retaliation, including a possible ban on exports of US coal from B.C.

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The view in the US that Canadian logging companies get unfair subsidies pre-dates the Trump administration.

"W$3 e note that NAFTA was negotiated 25 years ago, and while our economy and businesses have changed considerably over that period, NAFTA has not".

In a statement, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who has emerged as a leading voice for the administration on trade issues, said Thursday's letter notifies "not just Congress, but all our trading partners, that free and fair trade is the new standard for U.S. trade deals".

During his campaign, Pres. Trump vowed to scrap NAFTA altogether, reiterating that it was a disaster for United States workers.

"I tried to demonstrate to him that in the agricultural market, sometimes words like "withdraw" or "terminate" can have a major impact on markets", Perdue said in an interview with The Associated Press.

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