Tyrannosaurus Rex Jaws Applied 8000 Pounds Of Force To Crush Prey


Other scientists had tried to measure T. rex bite force based in part on mammalian bites, or by extrapolating force from the dinosaur's body size, leading to a wide range of estimates.

The strongest bite force on Earth today belongs to the biggest reptile on the planet.

"T-rex could pretty much bite through whatever it wanted, as long as it was made of flesh and bone", said Florida State University paleobiologist Gregory Erickson. A study published Wednesday in the journal Scientific Reports reveals the power of the animal's bite.

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The jaws fashioned with sharp teeth were able to grasp and produce a pressure of 431,000 pounds per square inch on the bones. Most of what they have to work with is stone in the shape of bone, and if they're lucky, reasonable comparisons with living creatures - sometimes looking to the present for dinosaur deets can be just as enlightening.

They found the giant dinosaur was able to bite down on bones that with almost 8,000 pounds of force - equivalent to the weight of three small cars - while their long teeth generated as much as 431,000 pounds per square inch of bone-failing tooth pressures. She now is a book editor, writes legal blogs, and is trying to finish a book. To understand how the giant dinosaur consumed bone, Erickson and Gignac also needed to understand how those forces were transmitted through the teeth, a measurement they call tooth pressure. With this high estimates, the T-rex could easily bite, puncture and slice through meat and bones. For instance, scientists reported in 2012 that they had used digitally scanned T. rexskullsto make computer models, finding that the beast could bite with forces ranging from 7,868 to 12,814 pounds-force (35,000 to 57,000 newtons), Live Science previously reported. They then compared the results with birds, which are modern-day dinosaurs, and generated a model for T. rex.

New research confirms the overwhelming force of T. rex jaws depicted in Hollywood movies.

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Gignac and Erickson focused on the T. rex because of the vast amounts of data that exist regarding this iconic dinosaur species, besides the evidence of the T. rex bite being one of the best documented in the whole area of paleontology. T. Rex, which was about 13 meters long and weighed about seven tons, had the ability to pulverize and eat bones. The prey would be bitten in a three-point fashion, getting in contact with the largest lateral teeth and the teeth situated closer to the T. rex's snout. A tyrannosaurus tooth could generate 431,000 pounds per square inch. After ensuring that the crocodile 3D model was accurate, they built a similar one for T. rex. "They carefully reconstructed many muscles and accounted for important aspects of muscle architecture and physiology".

Explaining what it would be like if a human got bitten by a T-Rex, he adds: "To quote Clubber Lang (Mr T) from Rocky III-'Pain'-albeit brief".

Crocodiles and T. Rex "are probably operating at tooth pressures that are nearing the extreme structural limits of what reptilian tooth enamel can handle", Gignac said.

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