Union: Up to 40K walking off the job at AT&T this weekend


Wireline workers, who work in phone, landline and cable services businesses in California, Nevada, and CT, and DirecTV technicians across California and Nevada have also joined the strike. The company said that the striking workers account for about 13 percent of its total workforce.

More than a dozen employees began their protest at 3 p.m. outside the AT&T wireless store at 1501 Walnut St.in Center City. The held signs reading "On Strike" as customers went in and out of the store and pedestrians walked by.

"We will no longer stand by as AT&T hems and haws at the bargaining table, keeping its own workers from achieving the American Dream they once promised", said Dennis Trainor, Vice President of CWA District 1.

Union members want wage increases, no increase in healthcare contributions, and tighter job security protection from outsourcing.

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Union workers at the AT&T call center in Davenport have joined thousands of fellow employees in a nationwide strike.

Frustrated over the lack of progress in contract talks, more than 17,000 AT&T union members in California and Nevada walked off their jobs on Friday.

"This is the largest walkout in the USA since Verizon workers went on strike previous year". AT&T reportedly hasn't suffered a significant work stoppage since a two-day walkout in 2012.

The company said it was still eager to reach a deal. Others are employed in call centers spread out across the country.

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Employees claim the company is demanding more work for less and it is looking to third party dealers and overseas workers.

We're prepared, and we will continue working hard to serve our customers.

But AT&T is under pressure from Wall Street to cut costs after its recent acquisition of Time Warner Cable for a whopping $85 billion-it also took on huge amounts of that company's debt.

Employees say striking is the best way to get the company's attention and are hopeful they can find a solution. "We're all family, whether you're a union member or not", an AT&T spokesman said. Workers are expected to go back to work on Monday.

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