US military death in Somalia is 1st since 1993


A USA service member was killed during an operation against al-Shabaab in Bariise Somalia some 60km west of Mogadishu.

Two other USA servicemen were injured in Thursday's incident, about 40 miles (64km) west of the capital Mogadishu, near the town of Barii. A U.S. Defense official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed the casualties to FP. The troops came under small arms fire.

A Somali intelligence official confirmed the USA military operation to The Associated Press, saying US forces in helicopters raided an Al-Shabaab hideout near the Somali capital on Thursday night and engaged with fighters. us military and counterterrorism advisors have been present in Somalia for at least a decade and regularly coordinate drone strikes against Al-Shabab.

Both the United States and Somalia in recent weeks have stepped up efforts against the al-Qaida-linked extremist group.

The death of the soldier is the first since the infamous Black Hawk Down of 1993.

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Al-Shabab controls larges swaths of territory and regularly carries out attacks on the military, civilians and some 20,000 African Union peacekeeping troops in the country supporting the government and help secure the delivery of humanitarian aid.

"On 4 May, one US service member was killed during an operation against al-Shabab near Barii", US Africa Command said in a statement on Friday.

Africa Command commander Gen. Thomas Waldhauser met with Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo last month to discuss the U.S.

An Al-Shabaab spokesman claimed there were a "number of enemy killed and others have been injured, ammunition and troops have captured".

Al-Shabab via its Shahada News Agency claimed it had thwarted "an air landing operation by USA special forces", with a number of them killed or wounded, the SITE Intelligence Group reported.

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A senior official in Somalia's Lower Shabelle region said soldiers raided a building that houses Radio Andalus, al-Shabab's official radio station.

Since President Donald Trump took office, he has stepped up the fight against terrorism in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa, where Al-Shabaab has been a major problem. But he said they were operating "under the same authorities" in place since 2013, suggesting they were USA special operations commandos.

The Navy Seal's death is the first since the United States intervention in Somalia in 1993 when 18 special forces soldiers died fighting in Mogadishu.

A US military intervention in 1993 ended after the "Black Hawk Down" incident, when 18 USA soldiers were killed when Somali militia shot down two helicopters in Mogadishu.

Al-Shabab said its fighters "foiled" an attack by US troops and killed an unspecified number of "enemy soldiers" Friday.

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