Vermont House approves creation of ethics commission


Senate members voted 30-9 on Thursday to pass House bill 3516-S.C. Infrastructure and Economic Development Reform Act-including "ayes" from Sens.

The House gave preliminary approval Monday to the measure that would provide a way to investigate ethical complaints about state officials.

The Senate has already agreed with the House that personal possession and cultivation should be legal for adults. Employees with a newborn or adopted child, or those taking care of a sick relative, would then be eligible to take up to six weeks of time off and continue receiving 80 percent of their pay. Supporters argued the program would attract young families to Vermont, providing a much-needed shift in the state's aging demographics. Meanwhile, the governor has signaled he isn't interested in signing a marijuana legalization bill this year.

"Any transportation bill should be a balanced package that reflects Colorado's full transportation needs", she said. US Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) on Monday filed House Resolution 2273, which would amend the Controlled Substances Act to exclude cannabidiol (CBD) and CBD-rich plants from the definition of marijuana.

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The order directs the IRS to exercise maximum enforcement discretion to alleviate the burden of the so-called Johnson Amendment. If anything, the new executive order highlights a constraint on churches that the IRS has been loth to apply over the years.

"It is not going to fix all the problems with water laws", she said. In this lovely state that offers so much to so many, this is simply unacceptable.

The Legislature was live, but lawmakers were repeating arguments and votes on a wide variety of bills with topics as varied as drilling water wells, protecting internet privacy, mitigating court fines and lowering Seattle's controversial license tab fees.

Rep. George Till (D-Jericho) speaks for a paid family leave bill on the House floor Tuesday.

Rep. Anne Donahue, R-Northfield. She has a lot of questions about creating a special commission at this time. Disagreement arises around decisions that do not take into account the correctional system as a whole and a Senate proposal will require the placement of more people in correctional facilities out of state.

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"What do I think about setting up a commission?"

Donahue offered an amendment to make the program voluntary. He was among the majority of people who told that finance committee they want to see a stable tax structure that would encourage growth in the oil and gas industry.

Senate Bill 59 allows the Adjutant General to have mutual aid agreements with fire departments so that military equipment could be more readily available when we have threats like wildfires. Many of those laws were in response to concerns over ballot tampering and voter suppression. The budget bill, known as "the big bill", along with the "yield bill", which sets the property tax rates, and the miscellaneous tax bill are all headed to committees of conference where three members of the House and three members of the Senate must find a way to reconcile those differences. The chamber voted down the request.

But others counter the bill is too weak. The amendment, among other things, initially limits growers to five retail facilities, but allows for new retail facilities to come online as the patient population grows; calls on the Department of Health to issue 10 new licenses no later than October 1; and issues five new licenses for every 75,000 patients.

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