What we currently know about the global cyberattack


So what is ransomware, and what does Bitcoin have to do with all of this?

Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer transaction service, made headlines for the wrong reasons a few days ago.

However there is an element of privacy involved in the digital currency as well as it being impossible to counterfeit, immune to fraudulent chargebacks and transactions being irreversible.

That's correct instantaneously! But wait can we carry out an instantaneous cross border transaction using digital form of a fiat currency? It also warns them that if they do not pay up within seven days, they could lose their data forever. The confirmation message for payment is anonymously routed through the TOR network, so that no one has any idea who is behind the attack.

While the anonymous electronic currency bitcoin may have found its first support in the broad community of digital libertarians, the digital payment system has revealed itself as a risky tool of criminal oppression. It is then an ideal medium for hackers, for drug traffickers, for money laundering and the like. There are public records that track the spending of bitcoin. A man in London accepted it and placed an order to order him pizza.

Coleman says it's quite likely that the United Kingdom and U.S. law enforcement agencies will be able to track down the attacker, even if the culprit doesn't exchange the extorted bitcoins for dollars. The largest malware attack in history relied on bitcoin only because the cryptocurrency happens to be ideal for money laundering (or at least almost so). A network of tech-savvy users called miners keep the system honest by pouring their computing power into a blockchain, a global running tally of every bitcoin transaction.

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The company, launched in 2015, said, the increasing downloads highlight the "growing acceptance of Bitcoins as one of the most popular emerging asset class".

Hackers collecting bitcoin following Friday's cyberattack have not yet withdrawn any of the digital currency from their accounts, and could have a hard time doing so without getting caught, experts say. The basic idea was to create money whose value can not be manipulated by central authorities. And as more and more people are faced with deciding whether or not to pay up, the hackers will be there - ready and waiting to patiently explain Bitcoin. But proponents say that doesn't matter: The currency obeys its own internal logic. In February 2014 a single bitcoin was worth $20, but two months later on April 10 its value crashed from $266 to $105 before returning to $160 within several hours. The Reserve Bank of India, however, denied those reports. As of now, it stands on $1719 (Rs 1.1 lakhs). "The accounts don't have a physical address or a bank address and they are not stored centrally - anonymity comes before anything else". And why do the attackers want payment in that currency?

Instead the payment carried out in a fiat currency through the regular payment system, which ends up charging anything between 1.5% and 2% as MDR fee to the merchant. The merchant can accept payments using bitcoin which would reduce the transaction fees drastically.

"This used to happen in bitcoin before it became big - there were loads of botnets that went into computers that used to mine bitcoin, but you now can't basically mine bitcoin on normal computers because you need specialist hardware", said Chainalysis CEO Jonathan Levin.

The first step is to visit bitcoin.org and download a "wallet" on your computer or mobile. Yet technology is only part of the answer.

The problem that we can foresee is the pace of change in regulations; change in regulation usually takes a route of develop, propose and adopt which generally takes a period.

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