What's next for Iran after President Hassan Rouhani's win?


The Syrian president stressed the need to "continue working and cooperating with the Islamic Republic of Iran to strengthen the security and stability of both countries, the region and the world", it said.

After avoiding a run-off with a 57 per cent outright victory over his main rival, Mr Rouhani said he respects the opponents' right to criticise him.

While his reelection will help safeguard the pivotal 2015 nuclear agreement curtailing Iran's nuclear program in exchange for an easing of worldwide sanctions, Rouhani will have to navigate a hard relationship with the US, which helped lead the talks.

In his first televised speech after the result, Rouhani appeared to openly defy conservative judges by praising the spiritual leader of the reform camp, former President Mohammad Khatami.

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Turnout in the election was unexpectedly high, at around 70 per cent.

Iranians clearly and explicitly sent their message to the world through the Friday elections, he said, adding, "Our nation wants to live in peace and friendship with the world, but at the same time, it will accept no humiliation or threat".

Rouhani, the favorite, was seeking a second four-year term that would demonstrate public support for his economic reform measures and efforts to improve relations with Western countries.

In the document, the French president congratulated his Iranian counterpart on the reelection and expressed hope for the improvement of the economic, scientific and cultural ties between Tehran and Paris.

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Shortly after his victory there were clear signs that Rouhani is ready to lead a combative presidency.

Global affairs researcher Foad Izadi, of Tehran University, said Rouhani may now have the leverage to push for more freedoms, despite opposition from the conservative-dominated judiciary and security services. Others wore green, representing the reformist movement crushed by security forces after a 2009 election and whose leaders have been under house arrest since 2011.

Because Iran's two-term presidents are often lame ducks, it's not uncommon for the political system they operate in - especially the portions subject to election - to turn its attention to the next election and undermine the president's interests to suit its own.

The president's sweep of the election will give him a larger popular mandate during his second term than he had in his first. Millions of Iranians voted late into the night Friday to decide whether incumbent President Hassan Rouha. Millions of Iranians voted late.

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The election has been extended by 5 hours due to the active participation of voters which saw some 5 million voting in Tehran itself. At a summit meeting this weekend in Saudi Arabia between President Trump and leaders of predominantly Muslim countries, Iran was pointedly not invited.