Will Smith, Pedro Almodovar open testy Cannes Film Festival


The star, who has a film in the works with the streaming giant, said his children both go to the movies twice a week and watch Netflix.

In a Cannes jury press conference Wednesday, legendary director Pedro Almodovar seemed to come down against Netflix.

So, if Almodovar gets his way, which movies are still running?

Will Smith, who has the upcoming movie Bright with the streaming giant, offered a different take: "I have a 16-year- old and an 18-year-old and a 24-year-old at home". There are movies that are not on a screen within 8,000 miles. Throughout this year's Cannes Film Festival, Getty will have a team of 80 people, which includes photographers and videographers, social-media experts, picture editors, assignment editors, and technicians. The film festival later made a decision to keep Ojka, as shown by the "official selection" moniker on the film's poster, but issued a rule that all future Cannes competitors have to get a theatrical release in France.

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New rule created to exclude Netflix Netflixs two movies Okja and The Meyerowitz Stories will remain in circulation at this years festival but the French movie theater owners have pushed through a new rule that effectively bans Netflix from participating in Cannes next year. Snipers have been positioned above sensitive sites for what is the world's biggest film festival.

Netflix, however, has refused to back down, with boss Reed Hastings claiming that "the establishment is closing ranks against us". "I will be watching wide-awake, focused to do my best".

Calling it "the debate of this year", Almodovar was clearly referring to the two Netflix films among the 19 competing for the Palme: Bong Joon-ho's sci-fi fantasy Okja, starring Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal; and Noah Baumbach's The Meyerowitz Stories, a dysfunctional-family drama starring Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller.

Spanish director Pedro Almodovar has said in a surprise statement that the film winning this year's coveted Palme d'Or should be shown in cinemas.

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Smith, who has not had a film play at Cannes before, was dressed dapperly and posing cheerfully with festival-goers screaming "Will!" The company has said that it is willing to let cinemas exhibit the movies as long as the premiere is simultaneous.

"In my house Netflix has been nothing but an absolute benefit because they get to watch films that they never would have even seen", he added.

Smith added: "Netflix brings a great connectivity for [my kids] to the world". Chastain likewise echoed her honour at being surrounded by fellow artists, saying she hoped they would "open my mind and heart in unexpected ways". "We're very proud to partner with NEW to also give Korean viewers such opportunity to see the film in theaters at the same time", Ted Sarandos, Netflix chief content officer, said during a news conference to promote the film at a Seoul hotel.

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