Apple is finally fixing the iPhone's annoying volume box


You can now record your screen, and save the resulting video to your camera roll.

iOS 11 will come with lots of features which will make the iPhone and iPad even easier to use.

Apple is set to introduce a new iPhone feature created to prevent distracted driving by blocking notifications while owners of such phones are behind the wheel.

If you use your laptop or desktop for just web browsing and other light work, then your current Mac computer may be your last. Read on for our run-down of the new features, and find out how you might be affected. Siri on iOS 11 will sound more natural than before, a nice bonus if you don't like having instructions shouted back at you by a robot.

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You can drag and drop text, photos, and files from one app to another. Geskin also posted schematic images that purport to show the design of the new iPhone.

You can keep using them with iOS 10, but if you plan to upgrade to iOS 11 (which Apple confirmed will be release around September this year), now is the time to take action for any apps you depend upon.

As a member of the Apple Beta Software Program, you'll then be able to download the latest public beta, as well as subsequent updates, straight from the iOS Software Update.

"Apple has been warning of this migration to its 64-bit hardware for a number of years, but this news will still undoubtedly blindside a number of its customers, " Ernest Doku, a telecoms expert at told the BBC.

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On the list of those with updates available, tap an affected app's name to go to its store page. All of this is joined by the new Apple Pencil, which is faster than any other device of its kind with a 20ms latency.

iOS 11 bundles a storage managing feature that helps users free up space on their iPhone.

Normally, when you have guests who want to use your Wi-Fi you have to tell them the password so they can connect to the network.

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